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Sat Mar 3 15:36:39 2018 [Jaakan]
After some discussion, our powers team has changed shape somewhat.
Athagos, EojRepus, Kamura, Lynda, Mirror, and Vampyra are moving to Sage
level, we thank them for their contributions, and hope that they'll return
at some future point. Meanwhile, Aardvark has been promoted to the rank
of Archwizard. Join us in congratulating him!

Many bug fixes and minor upgrades have been put in place; we are still a
way off the next big upgrade, the first of which will be enhanced companion
code, then the addition of new races and the reorganisation of the classes.
Exciting stuff!

Thu Jan 4 11:52:04 2018 [Jaakan]
Belated congratulations to Zarkon on reaching Ultimate level. Well done!

Mon Sep 19 17:01:58 2016 [Jaakan]
Arr! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Any lubber who talks
the pirate talk will get some booty, so ye will. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Wed May 18 18:04:11 2016 [Jaakan]
The Hercules quest can now be attempted over multiple sessions; the MUD will
remember which tasks you have completed and mark them off on your next attempt.

Fri Apr 8 19:33:48 2016 [Martyn]
The reset system has been upgraded, for faster resets of completed or ruined
quests. In addition, extra features for the visually impaired have been
implemented, which can be toggled with the verb SYMBOLS.
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