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Wed May 18 18:04:11 2016 [Jaakan]
The Hercules quest can now be attempted over multiple sessions; the MUD will
remember which tasks you have completed and mark them off on your next attempt.

Fri Apr 8 19:33:48 2016 [Martyn]
The reset system has been upgraded, for faster resets of completed or ruined
quests. In addition, extra features for the visually impaired have been
implemented, which can be toggled with the verb SYMBOLS.

Wed Feb 10 21:24:34 2016 [Jaakan]
A tip of the day feature has been added, tips can additionally
be accessed or disabled by the commands TIP and NOTIP.
Also, a facility has been added to modify the time to show your local
timezone, use TIMEOFFSET. To see what time it is for another player,
type WHATTIME (playername).

Wed Feb 3 19:16:21 2016 [Jaakan]
A new quest reward system has been implemented. See HELP QREWARD.

Mon Jun 1 23:53:13 2015 [Martyn]
The raider quest by Aardvark has been added. It is intended as an easy quest
for newer players. You can find it attached to the new village area.
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