7DOF Powers
                    ----7 Degrees of Freedom Powers----

Nalal the god:

Nalal is the founder and chief coder of 7 Degrees of Freedom.  He is
responsible for managing the mud and its hosting.  He is the person most
likely to be contacted by Jaakan when things go pear-shaped.

Jaakan the god:

Jaakan is responsible for some of the most vicious and evil quests ever to
grace 7 Degrees of Freedom.  He is currently chief developer of content,
assisted by the other powers.

Thalia the Avatar:

Thalia is one of the few players who reached the exalted level of MasterWizard,
with very little help from anyone else.  She helps Jaakan with development,
and is very focused on providing a good in-game experience for everyone.
She is one of our most faithful players.

Dani the ArchWizard:

In addition to being one of our most loyal runners, Dani has been heavily
involved in testing, and is a good sounding board for new ideas and concepts.
She is currently responsible for in-game player issues, policies, and

Aardvark the ArchWizard:

Aardvark is eager to lend a helping hand to those that need it.  In addition
to writing one of our quests, he is also skilled at coding and will often
give Jaakan a prod or two in the right direction.  He is one of our most
devoted and amoosing supporters.

Morkarn the ArchWizard:

Morkarn is arguably the best runner 7DOF has had.  His knowledge of the MUD
and its quests is excellent.  He is currently involved in testing the next big
update for the MUD.

For a list of former powers, type RETIRED.