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What sets us apartBack to top
7 Degrees of Freedom worked for over a year before opening to the public. This was so that we could write some original game concepts and quests to guard against "Just Another iDiRT Syndrome".

Our quest and zone writers have added new quests and zones that give our world a unique face and map.
Auto Regeneration SystemBack to top
The game dynamically resets objects and mobiles in a way invisible to players. The algorithm, interrupts and timing behind this system have been comprehensively tested to make the system totally invisible to players.
Dynamic Immortality SystemBack to top
Once you have reach the level of Wizard you can become mortal again (i.e. defrob/remort) and run more quests to try and reach the level of MasterWizard.
All New Combat EngineBack to top
A completely original combat engine which classifies armour, weapons and mobiles.
Every time you reach a new mortal level a new class is open to you, classes include: Warrior, Thief, Shaman Assassin and Druid as well as many others. You can change your class whenever you like so you are not tied to any one class. There are also secret classes, will you be able to find them?

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DocumentationBack to top
Documentation includes:
  • Maps of the main areas of the world
  • Comprehensive info and policy files
  • A set of quest information files giving a description/difficulty and starting location of every quest
  • A full on line help system with an entry for every command

Original quests include:

Free the Princess Lyssa from the clutches of the beast. You will first need to find the location of his black fortress and then some way of getting there. Legend has it that the black fortress and the beast are linked and killing one will destroy the other.

The guests at a large mansion are being terrorised by a large clay monster. You must find some way to trap the monster and solve the mystery. There are already some people working on the problem; they may be able to help you in your quest.

The evil god Kal Torak has awoken in the far off land of Mallorea. Journey to the ancient Isle of Winds and across to Mallorea, where you must retrieve the almighty sword of Riva before facing Torak himself...
Only you can stop him from enslaving the entire world.

Centuries ago, the magician N'lumm stole the sacred Sock of Horus from the Egyptians. Now, he is dead and in his dwelling can be found the Sock. However, it is still guarded by fearsome creatures and fiendish devices. Can you outwit them to retrieve and wear the Sock?

An evil Balrog has taken over a once peaceful and prosperous castle. Legend has it that he has begun preparations to flood the castle and destroy the ancient scrolls contained within. You must visit the castle, bring the scrolls back safely and sacrifice them to the gods.

Try your hand at creating the problems that adventurers are usually attempting to solve! Featuring an in-built adventurer with all the wit and subtlety of a cheese and onion sandwich.

A text adventure against the clock? Impossible? A visit to a tavern in the town zone might persuade you otherwise...

For those who like hack and slash with their brain-draining puzzles... not for the faint-hearted.

Other quests:

As well as these we also have many other unique quests along with the original iDiRT quests and some of the more popular from other codebases such as Pirateship/Sabre, AirCastle and many more.