7DOF Quest Information Files
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Bulltemple Cathedral Claymonster Commando Crypto Darkelf Darksword
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                              *** Darksword ***
  Concept:  Landshark                 |  Combat:  9/10
  Zonefile: Landshark                 |  Puzzles: 4/10
  Coding:   Jaakan                    |  Points:  4

Conflict and battle have long been a way of life in the lands of the
Minotaurs.  Battle your way through their army to find and defeat their
undead king, Warfarer, and claim a mighty weapon for your own. 

Beyond a wall in the mountains, far southwest of the Village Church.

Beware of where you step, your armour may not fare as well as your mind.
                 Minimum Recommended Level: 30 (Lord)