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                                  *** Sabre ***
  Concept:  Hamlet                    |  Combat:  5/10
  Zonefile: Hamlet and Ithor          |  Puzzles: 4/10
  Coding:   Ithor, Mancini and Nalal  |  Points:  3

The evil pirate Redbeard and his men stole the mighty sabre from the  
mermaid but they could not find the means to change this into a deadly 
weapon, can you? They are preparing to embark on another voyage to repair
the sabre. Your task is to stop them and complete the voyage yourself. 

Redbeard's ship was last seen at the end of a long tunnel which starts      
down the well near the village church.                                      

Sweet music falls not on deaf ears.
                   Minimum Recommended Level: 15 (Leader)