7DOF Policy Files
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Multiple Characters

You are free to create as many characters as you wish.

You MAY:
 - run with more than one mortal at once.  Of course we recognise
    this means you may need to momentarily have to have a wizard and
    a mortal connected, but there should be no reason for this to be
    for more than a few seconds while you get your other character to
    become mortal.
 - have more than one wizard logged on at once, although we don't
    understand why you'd want to.

 - Use one character solely to collect equipment for another.
 - Have mortal AND immortal characters on at the same time, except as
    mentioned above. This rule also applies to powers, although it is
    recognised that there are some situations where a power may need
    to temporarily suspend a run with a mortal character to deal with
    an urgent in-game issue.

The powers will use their discretion in applying this policy, it
is a significant loosening of the rules - abuse of multiple
characters will lead to reversion to the old policy of no multiples.