7DOF Policy Files
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Cheating Policy

The following will be considered cheating:
 - Telling other players quest secrets; this includes walkthroughs.
 - Accepting objects from immortals, except in special circumstances.
  It follows that immortals should not give things to mortals either.
  'Special circumstances' will be defined on a case by case basis by powers
   but DOES NOT include wizequip; you are free to lend this to whoever
   you want.
 - The use of macros, speedwalking and other client based advantages
   (if you are unsure if a particular feature of your client is legitimate,
    please contact a power)
 - Malicious exorcising, punting, burning, burgering mortals, especially if
    it interferes with running
 - Immortals using summon or other similar means to take objects carried by
   mortals, or interfering with a quest or zone where a mortal is running.

Powers reserve the right to consider any action not listed cheating if it
interferes with other players or is unfair in any way.

  Note: We do not want our players to live in fear of being punished.
        We are trusting you to use your own judgment and we will step in
        only if we feel that you are REALLY abusing the system.