7DOF Policy Files
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Remaining idle for long periods of time while holding armour or 
completing a quest can impact on other users.  If you must idle,
please check that you are not holding inventory that will prevent
a zone from resetting (eg, only your own stored equipment).

In exceptional circumstances (eg, half way through running a
long quest) idling will be permitted - but bear in mind that
this is not wise; if there is a reset or the MUD crashes
unexpectedly you could lose your inventory.

Generally though, if you're going to idle for longer than an hour,
please store your equipment.  If you forget to do this, and the
game is reset, or crashes it may be possible to salvage it
but this is a favour and not be relied on.

The powers reserve the right to relocate you or store your
equipment in your behalf should you idle for extended periods
if the idling is affecting gameplay.