7DOF Humour Files
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21/03/99  Nalal tried to add Linkdead code (failed)
27/03/99  Nalal started installing linkdead code (again)
29/03/99  Nalal finished installing linkdead code (phew)
30/03/99  Nalal fixed his shody (homegrown) linkdead code.
02/04/99  Nalal had an awful thought about his linkdead code!
02/04/99  Nalal said "phew" 'cos he didn't know how to fix it if what he
          thought was wrong was actually wrong, but it wasn't, it was
          right, so ... panic over.
08/04/99  Nalal fixed the big bad processor eating bug in his
          (still dodgy) linkdead code... WooHoo!!!!
24/04/99  Nalal fixed a bug in linkdead whereby if someone cut connection
          before they logged in and then the socket which was being help
          open for them was manually killed the next person to try and
          connect would be refused (Don't even ask how we found that
          one... Zander :)
28/04/99  Nalal fixed the bug, guess what was the cause... Yep, you got
          it... Nalal's shody, bodged linkdead code.
31/03/99  Nalal started NFIS
01/04/99  Nalal finished NFIS (although he started it the month before the
          whole process only took around an hour :)
01/04/99  Nalal read this history file and wondered where his life went.
01/04/99  Nalal went out and got drunk with Major.
03/04/99  Nalal made painting a quest (wow that was hard, approximately 7
          seconds worth of code, in fact it took longer to write this
          entry in the history file.) <--- Note full stop inside the
          brackets, someday the spelling of "armor" will also be changed.
05/04/99  Nalal fixed the help system by adding random /*'s until the
          stupid thing worked.
08/04/99  Nalal write another dodgy fix to the help system, everyone
          notice the increased delay when typing help ;)
07/04/99  Nalal finished NPGS v1.9B (those of you who were paying
          attention will notice that NPGS never got past 0.95B. All the
          code that Nalal has ever written still has internal Beta
          numbers [although on the outside is says something like v1.3]
          even the stuff he managed to get money for writing is still
          mostly beta!) (Yes, Nalal is a part-time, freelance programmer
          and he's wrote this game for you at no cost, what a guy!)
          {Nalal tends to ramble when he has had no sleep... Goodnight}
17/04/99  Nalal changed external name of NPGS to NARS. (I'll get round to
          all the internal names sometime :)
17/04/99  Nalal added some special cases to NPGS, errr, NARS :)
28/11/00  Nalal renamed NDIS and NARS to DIS and ARS.
20/04/99  Nalal fixed the email command, ahhh, string manipulation, my
          favorite. :) If you are interested...
                for(i=1;i<strlen(strbuf)&&strbuf[i]!=' ';i++);
          Do I win the obfuscated C contest???? :)
          I know there is probably a function which does this but I can
          write it faster than I can wade through man pages :)
20/04/99  Nalal re-wrote the internal Daemon loading screen. (As if you
          care, only about 2 people are ever going to see it)
20/04/99  Major (Yes, he does things sometimes!) updated policy and info
          files and in the process overwrote this file.
21/04/99  Nalal found out what Major had done.
21/04/99  Mxyzptlk made a comment about Major (censored.)
21/04/99  Nalal found a backup history file.
21/04/99  Nalal decided that Major causes more work, hassle and admin than
          he actually does. :)
25/04/99  Nalal changed the ultimate level from 200001 points to 200000
          points since it seemed to annoy Mxyzptlk as he has brought it
          up/bugged it several times :)
28/04/99  Nalal crashed the mud (multiple times) by talking to mobiles.
          (He was talking to mobiles 'cos they make more sense than the
          rest of the powers team put together :)
28/04/99  Nalal found out that auto time out crashes the mud.
28/04/99  Nalal disabled auto time out (ahhh, programming in the real
	  world - don't fix the problem, circumvent it)
25/05/99  Nalal gave MasterWizards and Wizards slightly different
          privelages and while he was at it he had to fix the pflag system
          since it never really worked right in the first place.
03/06/99  Nalal fixed the evil bug which made the mud crash every 47
          minutes less 13 seconds, seems to have been a compiler problem
          more than anything else. Still every time Nalal tried something
          he had to wait for 47 minutes. That is why all the admin
          things have been done over the past few days, blessing in
          disguise really.
18/06/99  Nalal ran the help file through ispell. (Someone can't spell
23/06/99  Nalal downloaded AberMUD2 and updated the credits file
          accordingly and also had fun reading through some of the
          original cutting edge code which hasn't changed much since 1988.
          Nalal also found out that the misspelling of suddenly had been
          around since AberMUD2
16/11/99  Nalal went all ANSI standard and changed the bulletin boards,
	  pager, the function which sends data, the main mud subroutine
	  and the zone structure to make them more compliant.
29/08/00  Marduke finished the newbie zone.
03/09/00  Nalal finally got the newbie zone to compile (he was trying to
	  be clever with macros and just wasted a whole heap of time)
28/12/00  Nalal removed the last of the \r control codes.
11/01/01  Nalal put back in some \r's to fix problems with some clients.
10/04/01  Swineherd wrote the csaw action and removed the smirk action.
11/04/01  Nalal put the smirk action back in... *smirk*
14/04/01  Swineherd added the whap, points, woo, coax, jeer, worry, aie and rar
          actions, and removed smirk again. *cackle*
17/04/01  Nalal sorted out smirk for good.