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[Wz:1901] Jaakan: Nope, it's horrid and it makes pee smell and change colour.
[Wz:1902] Jaakan: HOORAY.... MISLINE!
[Wz:1902] Dani: Best. Misline. Ever.
[Wz:1902] Thalia: That will look interesting out of context.

[Ch:1328] Kamura: Has the ability to make you pee yourself with laughter, in my opinion

[Ch:1328] Kamura: lick...not like

[Ch:1903] Jaakan: I'm surprised this isn't shown more accurately in science
[Ch:1832] Dani: A baseball bat and a foghorn might help

[Av:1928] Jaakan: I don't particularly like chickens.

[Aw:1823] Vampyra: he's immensely attractive.

[Ch:1759] Jaakan: Your great-grandma must've been permanently pregnant.

[Ch:2206] Jaakan: I suspect there is a moth lair somewhere in our house.

[Sg:1412] Jaakan: congrats! My trousers are falling down.

[Sg:2154] Jaakan: nod, I like things that wobble about a bit ;)

[Ch:0935] Kamura: rugleg - a dyslexic drowning fish

[Ch:1018] Kamura: I just can't get used to that finger command

[Sg:1052] Kamura: any shorter and and I need are the pants

[Ch:1132] Kamura: He likes it hard

[Aw:2016] Thalia: Probably huddled up in the warm. It gets cold in a negligee.

[Ch:1240] Jaakan: I really should read a chapter of twilight so I can say it's
                  crap from personal experience.

[Ch:1905] Jaakan: Obviously you do.  You're pure muscle.

[Ch:2031] Jaakan: His negligee was showing.

[Ch:1953] Jaakan: Is she as mad as a cage full of fruitbats like her sister?

[Ch:1211] Kamura: I am not interested in having to train a new husband

[Ch:1000] Jaakan: I will work on being more of a bastard ;)

[Ch:2203] Jaakan: Then you can cook AND bathe at the same time.

[Ch:2010] Jaakan: I can't get all emotional about a chicken.