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7DOF has implemented a new achievement system, which measures your performance.

There are several areas of achievements, notably for spell casting and killing
with magic, also achievements for killing mobiles with different kinds of
weapons, and for completing quests with different classes of character.
There are several other achievement categories which will be listed as you
attain them.  Currently there are 343 achievements.  You can check on other
players achievements and progress, and there is a TOP ACHIEVEMENTS board.

The ACHIEVEMENTS command will show you your current level of achievements, and
what rewards you have gained for them.  An achievement where you have reached
the second or third tier is noted by a (2) or (3) after the achievement name.

The PROGRESS command will show you your current progress towards your next
level of a three-tiered achievement.

The FIGHTSTATS command will list several statistics that are measured for
achievements.  Miscellaneous achievements are not listed under progress and
generally have only one level, although there are exceptions to this.