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a. Combat Death

This section refers to death in combat, not death in a deathtrap, or deathroom,
which, while annoying, carries no penalty other than the annoyance value of
losing your objects.

The penalty for dying in combat used to be a flat 50% rate no matter what your
score.  We feel that this is discouraging the players with larger scores from
running, so we are implementing a sliding scale of penalties:

Score            Percentage Loss

 0 -  1 million   50%
 1 -  5 million   25%
 5 - 10 million   12.5%
10 - 20 million   5%
over 20 million   3%

The maximum score that you can lose by dying in combat is 1,000,000 points.

b. Death in deathtraps/deathrooms

If you are unfortunate enough to fall victim to one of these, your equipment is
immediately sent to the second hand shops in Commerce Street in Freedom.  This
gives you the opportunity to reclaim it at a big discount.  For the first five
minutes after you die, you will have exclusive rights to buy back your
equipment (at 10% of the normal price).  For the next five minutes, anyone else
may also buy any leftover equipment, but at normal prices.  You will still be
able to buy at discount.  After this, the shop owner may choose to scrap any
unwanted items.  It is felt that this is a fairer system than the previous
'fetch it back when no-one is looking' policy.