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 15/03/20 Mar 9 19:22:33 2020: BUG: FancyPants: journal in prancing pony
          should NOT be able to be portapitted or moneybagged.
          Mar 4 20:44:04 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (scorched46): sl in a fight ->
          slot command, not sleep.
          Feb 19 21:20:20 2020: IDEA: Lynda (hick29): cow here doesn't seem
          butcherable. probably should be
          Feb 19 21:20:53 2020: IDEA: Lynda (hick32): pig needs butchering too
          Done, pigs, cow, bull and horse all able to be carved up.
          Jan 12 10:58:34 2019: IDEA: Martyn (powers2): allow cavetroll pirate
          Jan 12 11:12:13 2019: IDEA: Martyn (powers2): disallow demon commando
          Mar 5 11:23:54 2020: IDEA: Maindip (troy83): Special death on Achilles
          that says you catch him the heal or something of that ilk
          Jan 26 17:19:15 2020: IDEA: Jaakan (race5): add a hint to angel to
          suggest the function of the holy sea and what to do
          Jan 17 17:28:06 2020: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): has nod not got an F
          flag? *surprised*
          Jan 30 16:31:13 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (scorched46): nerf the
          bluewings, their manamult is ridiculous
          Nov 8 21:51:22 2019: IDEA: Jaakan (wizard103): use a bomb in the
          bhelliom quest
          Done, you can still do the other thing too.
          Feb 27 19:49:28 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (talon42): painting object