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          who won't see the green exits and cyan object names in the room
          descriptions.  Under way, but not yet finished.
          Dec 25 22:45:56 2013: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): under level 10,
          say, let people use locker rooms without paying.
          Response: Done.
          Dec 27 16:21:43 2013: IDEA: Thalia (powers9): I think the mud should
          bank your money if you log out from a wizroom/powersroom.  I almost
          never log out from lockers.
          Response: Done.  Players in wizard, sage, prophet, or powers zone
          will now receive autobanking.
          Oct 19 11:51:49 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): bad linebreak here,
          healing could fit on previous line.
          Oct 19 11:53:17 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): if shrine of healing
          is capitalised and coloured, so should shrine of location be.
          Oct 19 11:53:56 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): two full spaces after
          Zodiac Avenue, not one.
          Oct 19 20:06:34 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): Symbols is in cyan
          here but I can't examine them.  Add a noget object or de-colour.
          Oct 19 11:54:08 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): basically, rewrite
          this room.
          Response: Wow.  Picky.  All fixed.
          Oct 27 11:02:26 2013: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): coding flag should be
          cleared when you exit.
          Response: Fixed.
          Nov  7 19:04:01 2013: TYPO: Ultraviolent (ancient7): in room
          description "determine  that" - extra space.
          Response: Fixed.
          Nov  7 20:15:29 2013: TYPO: Ultraviolent (camelot158): west here isn't
          in green like it should be.
          Response: Fixed.