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What are Mana Points?

Mana points are the way the MUD deals with the magic spells that you use.
You will find many magic enhancing items across the MUD, these fall into
two categories, offensive and defensive.  Defensive will absorb spells
cast at you.  Offensive objects carry a mana reserve that you can use to
cast a spell.  Typically they also enhance the effect of the spell too.
Once you have exhausted any mana that your magic objects carry you will
start to use your own mana supply.

If your mana reaches zero you will not be able to cast the spell you have
been using again.  Switch to another spell, and you may find that some of
your magic objects still have a mana reserve available.

Mana points are replenished in the same way as health points.  Sitting
down or sleeping increases the rate at which you regain them.  Different
classes will regain mana more quickly according to their strengths and