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7DOF has a unique storage system where you can store an unlimited amount of 
equipment at any time during your game.  Each player will be directed to a
safe room in the Traveller's Inn where they can store their equipment.  

The clerk in the Traveller's Inn will give you a key when you wish to enter 
your locker.  Each item of equipment that you store will be charged at the
rate of one gold piece per day, unless you are under merchant level (level 10),
in which case storage is free.  If payment for previously stored equipment is
required you will be informed.  If you don't have enough funds on hand, it
will be taken directly from your bank balance.  If you still don't have enough
money, have a talk with a sympathetic power, or go on a search for gold.
Once you have paid Mrs. Clerk you will be allowed to retrieve or store your

This command allows you to automatically equip yourself with the best 
equipment that you have stored.