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The currency used within 7DOF is the gold piece, using this you can buy
services and equipment, bribe and hire mobiles and various other things

You find gold lying around certain parts of the land (treasure rooms are
always a good bet) and some mobiles carry gold which you automatically loot
from them when you kill them.

The main place to spend the gold is the market place in the City of Freedom
(see "MAP FREEDOM").  Here, you can also sell items you have collected in
order to get even more gold.

There are other shops which aren't quite so easy to find which often sell
better equipment and at a reduced price.

Various mobiles are also available for hire.

If you flee from a fight you drop 20% of the gold you are carrying and if you
die you will drop all of it.  To protect yourself against this you can put
your gold in the bank where it will be safe.  There are various banks around
the land and they are all connected to the same account.

Players are free to trade with one another as they see fit.