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Complete list of Tips of the Day
The TAKE command can be used to take classes of objects, like CLOTHING.
Switch tips off by using NOTIP.
The Traveller's Rest storage system now allows you to go straight to the
locker room without asking for a key; one is assigned automatically.
AUTOEQ when in a locker room or a traveller's cloakroom automatically assigns
you the best armour and weapon that is in the room, and will warn you if
you have no light, weapon, or key.
The TAKE command can be used with EXCEPT, for example TAKE ALL EXCEPT FOOD.
Objects can be identified by a unique item number, which can be easier to
specify than referring to ring9, for example.  Use either ITEMNUMBERS or
INVMODE IN to toggle this feature on/off.
Items belonging to a specific class like warrior can be referred to by the
noun warrioreq, so TAKE WARRIOREQ EXCEPT BACKPLATE is a valid command.
You can set the MUD to display your local time by using TIMEOFFSET to set
the number of hours ahead or behind GMT you are.  Display your current
setting by using TIMEOFFSET with no parameters.
SEARCHA (word) will search through all the actions available that contain
the specified word, and list them.
QCOMPARE (player1) (player2) will show quest statistics for both players and
also the MUD record time.
Some mobiles can be hired and commanded.  Type LIST in the Warm Haven to see
a summary of potential hired help.
EF (short for EAT FOOD) will eat food which is carried in containers as well
as that which is carried normally.  DP (short for DRINK POTION) will do the
same for potions.
NOMISS will cut down on combat spam.  CLITE will pare it down to the bone,
only damaging hits to yourself, and the message to show your opponent's death.
Nibbs the Accountant in the new market area can provide several financially
beneficial services once each day.  GREET him in his shop for details.
INFO COLOR shows a list of colors available under MXP.
WHOC is a useful command which shows wizard level, mortal level, class, score
and combined wealth.
! repeats the last command given to the MUD.
GCHAT can be abbreviated to [.  Check which channel you're on, and who's on
that channel by using the GCHAT command on its own.  You can change channel
by CHANNEL ME (number between 0 and 9999).
Kneeling at the Temple of Fate can confer a useful extra item.
DIGging holes in locations with soil can unearth gold, items, or (rarely)
disturb burrowing animals.
PUT x AWAY will try to find a container with enough space and put your
object(s) in, for example PUT FOOD AWAY.
LOOT (mobile) will search for money or items on dead mobiles.  You can also
LOOT ALL when you have a pile of corpses.
BUTCHER (mobile) can yield two food items when used on some wandering mobiles.
LASTCHAT will list the last ten things said on CHAT by other players.
The white liths around the MUD can be MEDITATEd at, if you're the right class,
to provide quick travel and a useful map system.
GREETing mobiles can be very beneficial.
Looking for the Venomstrike spell? Explore Felldwarf, suitably armoured.
Armour corrosion worries? Visit Enhancements R us before venturing out
If you forget, visit Gligril's Repair Shop for a fix, or hint to a metawizard
or above you need a MENDALL.
Explore the ruins zone, which sits under the blizzard zone.  Several useful
spells can be found.
Want to help out a mortal who's in combat? HEALSOON, REPSOON, and FLUXSOON
will take effect as soon as the fight is done.
Want to stop wielding a weapon? UNWIELD it.
There are many ways in which you can modify what is seen when you use the
INVENTORY command.  Use INVMODE on its own to see how yours is currently
displayed.  HELP INVMODE has more information.
Want your title to stay the same whether you're mortal or not?  Use the
STICKY command.
Want to switch off the pager? Use PAGER 0.
Got a fantastic idea you want to share? Use the IDEA command, or go to the
website, 7DOF.org.uk/contactus.php.
Want to turn off notifications of 7DOF bounties and extra quest rewards?
The QINV command will tell you which of your objects relate to any current
The EQ command shows you what you're wearing in which position on your body
It can be used with the options PERCENT, BALANCE, or VALUE.
A full implementation of a roulette wheel (and betting) can be found in the
gallery above the Fight Club at the north end of Monks Road.
Both the PROGRESS and ACHIEVEMENTS command can be further narrowed down
into categories: class, combat, misc, money, quest, and spells, for example,
The MEQ command can be narrowed down to specific spell attributes, for
example MEQ FIREBALL will list all your fireball objects.
This command is more powerful if you're immortal.
Look out for the portapit and the moneybag, which are randomly placed
They give you the ability to pit and sell things wherever you are
They can also be toggled to different modes by PUSHing them.
If you're playing as a lich and require a health top-up, food or healalls
really don't cut it.  There is, however, a funeral parlour on Death Row in
Freedom that has some fresh juicy corpses.
Wolves will kill and eat other creatures if they can; kill them first if
possible, then you can BUTCHER them too.
PN displays the current pronouns the MUD thinks you can use.
The PSTATUS command gives you detailed statistics on your damage, damage
modifiers, status effects, and armour levels.
The SEETIME command toggles a time stamp on the comms channels.
Two classes can dual wield, thieves and samurai.  For samurai, this skill
is called NITO, for thieves, SHADOWHAND.
When in a locker room, WIPE will wipe out any given item, destroying it
You can also specify classes, for example WIPE DRUIDEQ.
When chasing the hourkill record, a visit to the rainforest, south of Calle
de los Muertos is essential for attaining a high kill count.
You can heal more quickly by sitting down.  For even faster healing, SLEEP.
Sleep has the advantage that you may dream something useful, but you will
not hear or be able to use most communication channels.
The OPTIONS command lists many settings for your character that can be
modified as you wish.
It costs 1 gold per item per day to store your things in the Traveller's
Rest.  This may be reduced by certain achievements.  You can also reduce
costs by using WIPE to get rid of unnecessary clutter.
The new shopping area (backdraft) can be found off Frobozz Street in the
city of Freedom.  There are 32 shops there, all of which have goods and
services to offer.
Fairies often appear near animals that are useful for food.  Their wings are
useful; some of them have magical properties.
If you find sea navigation troublesome, there is a bridge across it just
north of the jetty.  You will need a small amount of gold; it's a toll bridge.
If you fancy a quick trip to the Gold Coasts, take a careful look around
Hickdale Square for a shortcut.  You can also find another shortcut back
to Freedom.
A wide variety of extended characters with accents and other special ones can
be accessed for use on the comm channels.  See ENTITIES for a list.
Going away from the keyboard? You can specify a reason after the AWAY
command if you wish.  You can also lock your MUD session with KLOCK,
after which you enter your login password to continue.
Looking for directions to a safe area for low level characters? Check out
INFO NEWBIEZONES for a list with directions.
In Jaakan's quests, there is usually a fish to be found.  EXAMINE it for
some vital information.
To finish the Gluttony quest you need a huge amount of food.  Stock up before
starting the quest.  The shops are a good source of food if you have the gold.
The Frantic quest requires quick thinking as well as fingers.  Remember to
EXAMINE things that you find to get clues to where the secret lair is.
Looking for the start of the Yoho quest? Seek out the Warm Haven.
Backdraft can be completed solo, if you concentrate on taking out the pyros
with the BK command.
Two quests may only be completed by the adventurer class, Watercastle and
Hercules.  Both of these need no equipment to start, so you can tackle them
very early in a run!
Several commands have been enhanced to take advantage of MXP (Mud eXtension
Protocol.  Clients that can handle this include MushClient, zMUD, and cMUD.
For metawizards+, the FIND command searches for objects, mobiles, and location
names, and can be used instead of the WHERE command.
When you're mortal and want to see which players are nearby, the WHOZONE
command can be useful.
Want to increase your achievement count? Use a variety of types of weapons
and try different classes.  You can see the results via PROGRESS.
Two achievements add bonus multipliers to the amount offered as a kill
bounty; the number of quests that you do as an assassin, and the number of
bounties you've collected both affect this.
BUTCHER as many animals as possible.  A three tiered achievement increases
the effect of food that you consume.
It is a bad idea to idle in ThePit or ThePitII quests.  As the difficulty
ramps up you will lose health and die unless you're paying attention.
Pay close attention to the minimum level, puzzle and combat ratings given
in QINFO; otherwise you may get your arse handed to you on a plate.
Dying in a deathtrap, while annoying, does contribute towards a three-tiered
achievement which helps keep you safer from deathrooms.
The two seemingly delapidated houses in the Class area both have a purpose
in completing some of the Class quests.
The Darksword and Felldwarf quests both feature creatures armed with
corrosive weapons - it's best to wear lots of armour, and a visit to
Enhancements R us is also a good idea.
Struggling to make a decision?  Use the EBALL command to shake a virtual
eightball for a random (or is it?) outcome.
The Sock of Horus is an invaluable aid when running.  Complete the quest
and reap the reward!
Don't want other players to know when you were last on, or check your profile?
Use the FINGER command with no parameters to toggle this state on and off.
In the Icon quest, you are looking for 24 unique aurastones, which are all
hidden in locations reachable from the main continent.  You can collect these
over several sessions until you have a full set.  The tally item will prove
very useful.
'Secret' classes require a key which is hidden somewhere on the MUD,
generally in an appropriate area.
The items for the class quests are generally confined to the two or three
rooms set aside for their quest.  Exceptions to this are Lich, Viking, and
With the exception of commando, paladin, pirate, thief, and assassin, the
quests related to classes are confined to the area shown on MAP CLASS.
You can customise your prompt to include health, level, score, hourkills,
and more.  See HELP PROMPT.
You can change what people see when they EXAMINE you by using the DESC
Command.  Enter your new description and type ** on a new line to finish.
Spot a spelling error? Use the TYPO command and get it fixed.
There are a selection of maps of 7DOF available to help you navigate.  Use
The MAP command for a list.
COMPARE is a skill open to several classes, but if you're not using one of
them, visit the Assayer's Office off Silver Street in the city of Freedom
Any class can use the COMPARE command whilst there.
If you die in a deathtrap your items will be sent to the second hand shops
in the city of Freedom; they will be distributed according to item type, in
the following shops: Wentworth's Used Artifacts, Maynard's Cut Price Food 'n
Potions, The Pawn Shop, and Philbert's Used Armour.  They remain available
for sale for 15 minutes.
A wizard is entitled to a room, two items of armour, and a weapon.
The monthly kill record gets harder to beat as the month goes on, but the
reward gets higher - by the time it gets to the 30th of the month, it is
worth at least 15000 points.
Some weapons can be sharpened with the right implements.
There are very few instances where zones can't be logically mapped - a
north exit from one room will link to a south exit in the next.
Have a chuckle at our expense: use the HUMOUR command.
Remember to log in at least once per day to collect your 3%% interest on
your current bank balance.
CONVERSE mode allows you to talk specifically to one player, without
having to use tells.  To execute a normal command while in CONVERSE
mode, preceed it with a !, and to exit type **.
The LOOK command has several variants; LOOK IN, LOOK AT, LOOK BEHIND, LOOK
UNDER, and LOOK THROUGH.  They are prevalent in the class quests, but may be
used elsewhere too.
Some locations are only to be accessed by using ENTER and LEAVE.
Struggling with a quest? Perhaps the bard at Warm Haven can help with a
song.  And at a very reasonable price!
Visually impaired players who cannot see colours or use screen readers can
use the SYMBOLS command to make exits, objects, and creatures more
The Race quests Demon, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Halfling, Human, Lich, Orc, and
Pixie are all confined to the area of MAP CLASS.  With the exception of
Lich, none of these require you to step outside the assigned rooms.
Want to rifle through your fallen foes posessions automatically? Turn on
AUTOLOOT.  Watch as your inventory space is filled with treasures!