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20/02/99  Nalal downloaded and compiled iDiRT 1.82 [D]
21/02/99  Nalal added his first new verb [D]
22/02/99  Nalal added the verb "logout" to quit the game
28/02/99  Nalal finished NPGS V0.9B [D]
03/03/99  Nalal fixed showing objects twice (in dark rooms) bug
04/03/99  Nalal put mud on net
04/03/99  First player (Major)
04/03/99  First Death (Zander by Yeti)
05/03/99  Major agreed to help with mud admin
05/03/99  Major frobbed to Archwiz
10/09/99  Nalal decided upon the name "7 Degrees Of Freedom"
11/03/99  Major crashed the mud with the trace command
12/03/99  Mxyzptlk started writing his first quest
12/03/99  Mxyzptlk frobbed to Prophet
12/03/99  Nalal fixed the bug in trace which caused a crash
12/03/99  Nalal put Autoexit on all the time
12/03/99  Nalal turned puff off, for good
13/03/99  12 o'clock was reached and Nalal was still coding
13/03/99  Nalal added a message to tell incoming players if their 
          character exists or not
13/03/99  Nalal allowed mortals to save their prompt
13/03/99  Nalal decided to make this history file
13/03/99  Nalal fixed "get all" and "drop all" so they worked.
13/03/99  Nalal resurrected his Balrog zone
13/03/99  Mxyzptlk finished the Rats zone
13/03/99  Mxyzptlk finished the Ali zone
14/03/99  Mxyzptlk finished the Krull zone
14/03/99  Mxyzptlk finished the Evildead zone
14/03/99  Nalal patched on Bulletin Board Code
14/03/99  Nalal got the boards to work
14/03/99  Nalal changed the interface for the boards
15/03/99  Nalal fixed and added the Rats, Krull, Ali and Evildead zones.
17/03/99  Mxyzptlk Finished the Belg Zone
18/03/99  Nalal added the qinfo command [D]
20/03/99  Mxyzptlk and Nalal came up with a qinfo file format.
21/03/99  Nalal fixed and added the Belg Zone
21/03/99  Nalal added a login Screen by Mxyzptlk (modified slightly 
          by Nalal)
21/03/99  Nalal tried to add Linkdead code (failed)
22/03/99  Nalal added some Ascii art he had downloaded
22/03/99  Mxyzptlk finished the Sock zone
22/03/99  Mxyzptlk frobbed to Avatar
23/03/99  Nalal fixed and added the Sock zone
25/03/99  Nalal (after discussing with Major) removed all capital letters
          on the word "god"
27/03/99  Nalal fixed various typos and small bugs.
27/03/99  Nalal aliased some commands (E.g. ls now used for look :)
27/03/99  Nalal changed the wizlist so that Master Users don't appear on
27/03/99  Nalal finished NPGS V0.95B
27/03/99  Nalal added code so that when you examine a mobile you also get
          told how healthy it is.
27/03/99  Nalal fixed unlock bug.
27/03/99  Nalal started installing linkdead code (again)
29/03/99  Nalal finished installing linkdead code (phew)
29/03/99  Nalal sent Beavis and Butthead to hell.
29/03/99  Nalal changed what Farmer Willy says (mainly to wind up Major)
          and also made farmer willy say something whenever you examine
29/03/99  Nalal added slightly more descriptive messages (than just "Ok")
          when you...
            Remove something, Put something in a container,
            Take something from a container, Take
            Wear,  Unlock, Lock, Open, Close, Give
            Light, Extinguish and various other specials.
29/03/99  Nalal set the default hearback and wimpy (20) for new players.
29/03/99  Nalal allowed both chat and gossip to be used for the gossip
29/03/99  Nalal gave the immortal chat lines more descriptive names than
          just 1, 2, etc.
30/03/99  Nalal finished the Sock zone specials.
30/03/99  Nalal made the sock zone into the Horus quest.
30/03/99  Nalal changed the quest handling function so that you are
          actually told when you complete a quest.
30/03/99  Nalal fixed his shody (homegrown) linkdead code.
30/03/99  Nalal made the piper play Flower of Scotland, not amazing grace,
          they are bagpipes after all.
31/03/99  Nalal finished the belg zone specials.
31/03/99  Nalal made the belg zone into the RivanSword quest.
31/03/99  Nalal finished the ali zone specials.
31/03/99  Nalal made the ali zone into the AliBaba quest. 
31/03/99  Nalal started NFIS
01/04/99  Nalal finished NFIS (although he started it the month before the
          whole process only took around an hour :)
01/04/99  Nalal read this history file and wondered where his life went.
01/04/99  Nalal went out and got drunk with Major.
02/04/99  Nalal had an awful thought about his linkdead code!
02/04/99  Nalal said "phew" 'cos he didn't know how to fix it if what he
	  thought was wrong was actually wrong, but it wasn't, it was
          right, so ... panic over.
03/04/99  Nalal added a system to record players e-mail addresses.
03/04/99  Nalal added a powers zone.
03/04/99  Nalal got rid of the reset stone.
03/04/99  Nalal changed the names of some quests slightly.
03/04/99  Nalal changed (fixed?) the shazareth quest very slightly.
03/04/99  Nalal made painting a quest (wow that was hard, approximately 7 
          seconds worth of code, in fact it took longer to write this
          entry in the history file.) <--- Note full stop inside the
          brackets, someday the spelling of "armor" will also be changed.
03/04/99  Nalal though that since the qinfo command and file format where
          made over 2 weeks ago, he should make up some qinfo's. Text for
          the basic aber quests taken from C-Dirt.
04/04/99  Nalal made a pretty, colour coded, qdone screen.
04/04/99  Nalal added a nice, ascii art, scroll which you are presented
          with when you complete a quest for the first time.
04/04/99  Nalal added code to allow mortals to go underwater with the
          right equipment
04/04/99  Nalal added the sabre quest (pirate zone) from c-dirt.
04/04/99  Nalal fixed the value command.
05/04/99  Nalal changed NFIS slightly so that powers can now become mortal
          at will, after all, powers are people too :)
05/04/99  Nalal changed the powers levels to be,
05/04/99  Nalal changed some immortal privelages, e.g. Non-Powers no
          longer able to zap or burn.
05/04/99  Nalal fixed the help system by adding random /*'s until the
          stupid thing worked.
05/04/99  Nalal allowed you to type "wear all" as well as "wearall".
05/04/99  Nalal change time and uptime slightly so that they don't show
          reset information.
06/04/99  Nalal added the town zone from C-dirt.
06/04/99  Errrp! Ran out of room for new locations need to look at the
          bootstrapping or I could just ....
06/04/99  Nalal removed moses apartments, the mortal realms and the home
          zone (they may be back once Nalal fixes the bug.)
07/04/99  [01:30] Nalal thought, 
                                "bugger this, I'll email someone about it
                                 or something, maybe I'll offer them NPGS
                                 which was gonna be GPL anyhow." 
07/04/99  Nalal finished NPGS v1.9B (those of you who were paying
          attention will notice that NPGS never got past 0.95B. All the
          code that Nalal has ever written still has internal Beta
          numbers [although on the outside is says something like v1.3] 
          even the stuff he managed to get money for writing is still
          mostly beta!) (Yes, Nalal is a part-time, freelance programmer 
          and he's wrote this game for you at no cost, what a guy!)
          {Nalal tends to ramble when he has had no sleep... Goodnight}
08/04/99  Nalal fixed the big bad processor eating bug in his
          (still dodgy) linkdead code... WooHoo!!!!
08/04/99  Nalal changed the login system so that defrobbed wizards are
          automatically made immortal again.
08/04/99  Nalal tidied up the verbs file
08/04/99  Nalal added the home command.
08/04/99  Nalal finished NPGS v1.95B Doh! Forgot about doors!
08/04/99  Nalal updated version information as we are no longer iDiRT 1.82
08/04/99  Nalal write another dodgy fix to the help system, everyone
          notice the increased delay when typing help ;)
09/04/99  Nalal tidied up the speech for mobiles, when you examine a
	  mobile and they can talk they will automatically say
	  something. It is now also easier to add speech to any mobile in
	  the game with very little time on the part of the programmer so
	  submit your talking mobiles now! [D]
09/04/99  Nalal added the profile command, allows players to store info
          about themselves which anyone can see with the finger command.
09/04/99  Nalal fixed the Shaz wand, you can no longer stay invisible
09/04/99  Nalal changed the inventory command, it is now easier to see
          what sort of stuff you are carrying.
09/04/99  Nalal added the map command and made one sample map of the south
          of 7 Degrees of Freedom.
10/04/99  Nalal added a talking mobile (sorry Major.) [D]
11/04/99  Nalal changed NFIS slightly so that defrobbing wizards cannot
          stay lit if they have not learned the spell as a mortal. [D]
11/04/99  Nalal changed the bulletin boards slightly. [D]
12/04/99  Nalal changed NFIS slightly.
12/04/99  Nalal cleaned up the playhouse zone :)
12/04/99  Nalal updated the illegal character names file.
13/04/99  Nalal fixed a bug which meant that if you dropped your weapon
	  you still kept wielding it!!!
13/04/99  Nalal made very slight changes to the Belg zone/RivanSword quest.
13/04/99  Nalal changed NFIS so that wizards can't complete quests
	  without defrobbing first.
13/04/99  Nalal went to fix the bootstrapping code an found the problem
	  had went away all by itself, ahhh, Linux, such a stable OS.
15/04/99  Mxyzptlk made up misc armour/weapons.
16/04/99  Nalal fixed various typos.
16/04/99  Nalal changed NFIS slightly, you are now given full health when
	  you defrob.
16/04/99  Nalal fixed small bug in RivanSword quest.
16/04/99  Nalal fixed the sign at the humpbacked bridge.
17/04/99  Nalal fixed small bug in Sabre quest.
17/04/99  Nalal made saves happen more often, just in case :)
17/04/99  Nalal tidied up the ruins zone.
17/04/99  Nalal changed external name of NPGS to NARS. (I'll get round to
          all the internal names sometime :)
17/04/99  Nalal added some special cases to NPGS, errr, NARS :)
17/04/99  Nalal extended Judge so that it gives an idea of how hard a
	  mobile will be to kill.
17/04/99  Nalal added the MasterWizard level for Wizards who have
	  completed all the quests.
18/04/99  Nalal changed the castle zone descriptions on some objects.
18/04/99  Nalal finished off and integrated the freedom zone.
19/04/99  Nalal changed zap very slightly ;>
19/04/99  Major said 'Hey! I'm not on the wizlist.'
19/04/99  Nalal fixed the wizlist.
19/04/99  Nalal fixed bug in freedom zone.
19/04/99  Nalal changed the in-game messages on reboot, crash etc.
19/04/99  Nalal made a map of the Freedom zone.
19/04/99  Nalal fixed the utility which extracts info from the system log.
19/04/99  Nalal added more cheat logging :>.
19/04/99  Nalal fixed the stats command.
19/04/99  Nalal made the syslog record a little more.
19/04/99  Nalal totally re-wrote the system log extractor.
19/04/99  Nalal changed the illegal character names system, it now
          automatically checks so that players can't name themselves after
          verbs. Sorry if this screws anyone up :(
20/04/99  Mxyzptlk updated the Rats and Krull zones.
20/04/99  Nalal fixed and added the new Rats and Krull zones.
20/04/99  Nalal fixed a few typos.
20/04/99  Nalal closed the playhouse.
20/04/99  Nalal fixed the email command, ahhh, string manipulation, my
	  favorite. :) If you are interested...
	        for(i=1;i<strlen(strbuf)&&strbuf[i]!=' ';i++);
	  Do I win the obfuscated C contest???? :)
 	  I know there is probably a function which does this but I can
	  write it faster than I can wade through man pages :)
20/04/99  Nalal re-wrote the internal Daemon loading screen. (As if you
	  care, only about 2 people are ever going to see it)
20/04/99  Major (Yes, he does things sometimes!) updated policy and info
	  files and in the process overwrote this file.
21/04/99  Nalal found out what Major had done.
21/04/99  Mxyzptlk made a comment about Major (censored.)
21/04/99  Nalal found a backup history file.
21/04/99  Nalal decided that Major causes more work, hassle and admin than
	  he actually does. :)
21/04/99  Nalal fixed a few typos.
21/04/99  Nalal fixed a small bug concerning wizards casting aggressive
21/04/99  Nalal added the frobchart command.
21/04/99  Nalal tidied up the Zodiac zone.
23/04/99  Major started a web page.
23/04/99  Nalal wrote a program to convert info and policy files to HTML.
23/04/99  Nalal changed judge so that instead of saying "rating 4" etc.
	  the message given is more descriptive.
24/04/99  Nalal fixed a bug in exorcise where mobiles keep talking even
	  when they have been exorcised.
24/04/99  Nalal fixed a bug in linkdead whereby if someone cut connection
	  before they logged in and then the socket which was being help
	  open for them was manually killed the next person to try and
	  connect would be refused (Don't even ask how we found that
	  one... Zander :)
24/04/99  Nalal changed it so that if a player is linkdead and you try and
	  talk to them you will get a message telling you they are
24/04/99  Nalal changed NARS slightly so that if you flee from a fight
	  your stuff won't reset while you sit outside to heal (thanks
24/04/99  Nalal changed the sock of Horus so that it does something
	  useful... very useful.
24/04/99  Nalal added the Promised Land zone (Compiled first time!) by
	  Mxyzptlk and Ripple.
25/04/99  Nalal wrote a program to convert the history file to html.
25/04/99  Nalal changed burn slightly.
25/04/99  Nalal changed the ultimate level from 200001 points to 200000
	  points since it seemed to annoy Mxyzptlk as he has brought it
	  up/bugged it several times :)
25/04/99  Nalal changed zap and delete so that they cannot be used
25/04/99  Nalal fixed (*ahem*, commented out) the arguments to exits
	  error message.
25/04/99  Nalal made another small change to NARS (doors again!)
25/04/99  Nalal aliased some verbs.
25/04/99  Nalal changed look so that markers no longer show up as they
	  were a bit distracting.
25/04/99  Nalal stopped wizards from gaining points through kills.
25/04/99  Nalal made a small change to NFIS.
26/04/99  Major updated some info files.
26/04/99  Nalal updated some policy files (Soon to be reworded by Major)
26/04/99  Nalal changed the sherwood zone slightly.
26/04/99  Nalal updated the credits command so the output didn't scroll
	  out the screen.
26/04/99  Nalal changed the credits file.
26/04/99  Nalal wrote a program to convert the credits file to HTML.
28/04/99  First Wizard (Ripple.)
28/04/99  Nalal crashed the mud (multiple times) by talking to mobiles.
	  (He was talking to mobiles 'cos they make more sense than the
	  rest of the powers team put together :)
28/04/99  Nalal fixed the bug, guess what was the cause... Yep, you got
	  it... Nalal's shody, bodged linkdead code.
28/04/99  Nalal sorted players in score order on the users list if they
	  have the same level.
28/04/99  Nalal found out that auto time out crashes the mud.
28/04/99  Nalal disabled auto time out (ahhh, programming in the real world
	  - don't fix the problem, circumvent it)
19/05/99  Nalal restructured the internal files. [D]
19/05/99  Nalal added the pinfo command. [D]
19/05/99  Nalal fixed the qdone screen. [D]
20/05/99  Mxyzptlk finished the scooby zone.
22/05/99  Nalal added in checks so that wizards don't get access to quests
          they have not done (GOTO / NSEWUP / AT / STAT / SHOW / and many more) 
22/05/99  Nalal updated a few policy/info files.
22/05/99  Nalal made the stone of immortality which you now need to touch
	  when changing from mortal to immortal and back again.
22/05/99  Nalal done a little work on the help files.
23/05/99  Nalal added a few new verbs which were needed for the Krull
24/05/99  Nalal made a small change to NFIS.
24/05/99  Nalal done some more work on the help file.
25/05/99  Nalal fixed it (hopefully ) so that the mud would compile under
          SUSE 6.1
25/05/99  Nalal changed all realize to realise (get round to armor soon :)
25/05/99  Nalal gave MasterWizards and Wizards slightly different
          privelages and while he was at it he had to fix the pflag system
          since it never really worked right in the first place.
25/05/99  Nalal added more checks for immortals finding quest stuff
          for quests which they have not completed yet. (SUMMON / GET / ACCT)
25/05/99  Nalal done some more work on the help file.
25/05/99  Nalal changed it so that only ArchWizards+ can see the hostnames
	  of players.
25/05/99  Nalal made a small change to NARS (gives a message when you
          manually call it.)
25/05/99  Nalal found that (after adding all sort of checks so that wizards
          don't get unfair advantages in quests) wizards could award
	  themselves quests with the "quest" command, needless to say that
          particular undocumented feature was removed.
26/05/99  Nalal found that the mud did compile under SUSE 6.1. (phew)
29/05/99  Nalal finished the specials for the krull zone.
29/05/99  Nalal made the krull zone into the krull quest.
29/05/99  Nalal made a map of the north.
29/05/99  Nalal made a few changes to privelages.
29/05/99  Nalal added separate help screens for Master Wizards and Wizards.
29/05/99  Nalal changed it so that you use assist to help other players
          (it used to be help but that was a touch confusing.)
29/05/99  Nalal aliased a few commands.
30/05/99  Nalal fixed and added the Scooby zone.
30/05/99  Nalal wrote a load of pinfo files. (Including solutions for
	  every quest!)
30/05/99  Nalal removed the playhouse zone.
30/05/99  Nalal modified the frobozz zone specials slightly.
30/05/99  Nalal added speech for a few mobiles.
30/05/99  Nalal added a routine which puts Mxyzptlk's misc. objects into
	  random rooms (with a few rules as to which rooms they can go into)
30/05/99  Nalal added a few new verbs.
31/05/99  Nalal added a few policy files.
31/05/99  Nalal aliased a few commands.
31/05/99  Nalal waded through some of the original AberMUD IV and dirt3.1
	  documentation and updated the credits file accordingly.
31/05/99  Nalal changed the Labyrinth zone slightly.
01/06/99  Nalal changed the specials for the Labyrinth zone slightly.
02/06/99  Nalal changed the the Krull zone slightly.
02/06/99  Nalal fixed the typos in the judge command.
02/06/99  Nalal made the fountain in the ice cave give out points quicker.
02/06/99  Nalal changed the 'get all' command slightly.
02/06/99  Nalal gave NFIS the external name of NDIS.
02/06/99  Nalal wrote a few info files (NFIS & NDIS).
02/06/99  Nalal changed it so that fr was short for frost.
02/06/99  Nalal wrote a reserved character name system.
02/06/99  Nalal changed the login process slightly.
02/06/99  Nalal restricted what wizards can see with the Zones command.
02/06/99  Nalal fixed a small bug in NDIS.
03/06/99  Nalal wrote the tutorial zone.
03/06/99  Nalal fixed the evil bug which made the mud crash every 47
	  minutes less 13 seconds, seems to have been a compiler problem
	  more than anything else. Still every time Nalal tried something
	  he had to wait for 47 minutes. That is why all the admin
	  things have been done over the past few days, blessing in
	  disguise really.
04/06/99  Nalal upgrade the delete function so that is also removes travel
	  messages and e-mail address
04/06/99  Nalal wrote a short external program which dumps out players
	  e-mail addresses
04/06/99  Nalal added the rome zone from c-dirt.
04/06/99  Nalal changed it so that new players are automatically put in
	  the tutorial zone.
05/06/99  Nalal fixed the bug which was filling up the system log with
		'Unknown name of pflags: Tout'
05/06/99  Nalal turned the orchold into a quest.
05/06/99  Nalal upgraded the delete function so that is also removes
	  descriptions, profiles and mail.
08/06/99  Nalal finished the top10 system. [D]
08/06/99  Nalal wrote a program to convert top10 files to html. [D]
09/06/99  Nalal added the top killing mobiles and top killing weapons to
	  the top 10 system.
09/06/99  Nalal changed the tutorial zone slightly.
09/06/99  Nalal changed the misc. objects subroutine slightly. 
09/06/99  Nalal wrote another info file (linkdead).
09/06/99  Nalal made a small adjustment to the linkdead system.
09/06/99  Nalal changed it so that wizards+ have a max health of 999
	  instead of the silly numbers they used to have.
10/06/99  Nalal changed it so that all players are informed the first time
	  a player completes a quest.
10/06/99  Nalal fixed a bug which meant the mud was not auto-opening.
10/06/99  Nalal temporarily disabled languages.
10/06/99  Nalal fixed a few errors in the tutorial zone.
10/06/99  Nalal wrote a policy and info file (profile).
10/06/99  Nalal changed the credits file slightly.
10/06/99  Nalal changed it so that wizards are given maximum strength when
	  becoming immortal.
10/06/99  Nalal made a small change to his top10 to html convertor.
12/06/99  Nalal fixed and re-enabled the language system.
12/06/99  Nalal removed the clear screen code on the title screen.
12/06/99  Nalal changed a few maps slightly.
14/06/99  Nalal added a routine which meant certain players would not show
	  up on the top 10 listings and also added a victims section for
	  mobiles which are killed the most.
14/06/99  Nalal added pinfo files for the spells.
14/06/99  Nalal fixed the vtouch spell.
15/06/99  Nalal totally re-wrote the spell duration handling functions
	  because they didn't work and were a bit messed up.
15/06/99  Nalal fixed one of the most evil crash bugs ever!
15/06/99  Nalal changed the max armour back to 50.
15/06/99  Nalal added the babel system (from c-dirt)
15/06/99  Nalal changed it so that only gods can crash the daemon (it used
	  to be Demigod+)
15/06/99  Nalal made the war/peace commands Arch Wizard+ only.
15/06/99  Nalal restricted the mobiles and objects command so that wizards
	  can't get access to quests they havn't done yet.
15/06/99  Nalal tidied up the help summary screens.
16/06/99  Nalal changed the powers zone very slightly.
16/06/99  Nalal added the wizard zone and put the wiz board there.
16/06/99  Nalal updated the zformat document.
16/06/99  Nalal added the wimpy command so you don't need to type 'change
	  wimpy me <level> anymore' now you type 'wimpy <level>'
16/06/99  Nalal wrote the 'god' policy file.
16/06/99  Nalal added the powers command and wrote the powers file.
16/06/99  Nalal updated the use command so it will guess at what the
          player wants to do between wield, wear, light, eat and push
17/06/99  Nalal updated the credits and qinfo files with some more author
	  names which he found on the net.
17/06/99  Nalal done a fair bit of work on the help files.
17/06/99  Nalal wrote a routine to output a 'who' listing to HTML.
18/06/99  Nalal tidied up the HTML who listing and added in some cunning
	  interrupts to save on disk access when the game is empty.
18/06/99  Nalal finished the specials for the scooby zone.
18/06/99  Nalal turned the scooby zone into the ClayMonster quest.
18/06/99  Nalal modified comabt so that when two players are fighting a
	  mobile the mobile wil not just hit one of the players.
18/06/99  Nalal changed the zone ordering to stop the (potential) screwing
	  up of wizard rooms.
18/06/99  Nalal ran the help file through ispell. (Someone can't spell
18/06/99  Nalal changed the email system slightly.
19/06/99  Nalal added to the player files to allow storing of some extra
          statistics for each player.
19/06/99  Nalal added the 'history' command to view the new statistics.
19/06/99  Nalal modified the stats and score command to show the amount of
	  flees a player has had.
19/06/99  Nalal added a top 10 file for flees.
22/06/99  Nalal cleaned up the Makefile so that the proper defines are
	  passed to the compiler.
23/06/99  Nalal fixed his changes to the Makefile.
23/06/99  Nalal downloaded AberMUD2 and updated the credits file
          accordingly and also had fun reading through some of the
          original cutting edge code which hasn't changed much since 1988.
	  Nalal also found out that the misspelling of suddenly had been
	  around since AberMUD2
24/06/99  Excalibur frobbed to prophet.
10/07/99  Major frobbed to Avatar.
10/07/99  Nalal mapped 0 to the chat/gossip line.
10/07/99  7DOF got listed on Crimefighter's complete abermud list under
	  the coming soon section.
21/07/99  Nalal finished the new NARS algorithim.
23/07/99  Nalal added ~50 new mobile descriptions.
26/07/99  Nalal fixed an evil file descriptors allocation bug.
29/07/99  Nalal fixed an evil segmantaion fault bug.
05/08/99  Major checked and fixed 5 zones for grammer and spelling.
09/08/99  First MasterWizard (Gonk.)
09/08/99  Nalal changed scooby slightly (thanks Gonk.)
09/08/99  Nalal made variaous bug fixes.
09/08/99  Nalal removed the extra carriage return in flag listings.
10/08/99  Nalal fixed a bug with MasterWizards going invisible
10/08/99  Nalal fixed an evil "undocumented feature" which could have
          caused havoc.
11/08/99  Nalal made players' total logon time update dynamically.
11/08/99  Nalal made a slight change to summon.
11/08/99  Nalal made slight change to talon quest.
13/08/99  Nalal changed chat to gossip.
13/08/99  Nalal gave the orcs and slayers individual names.
13/08/99  Nalal made "get all from" work.
14/08/99  Nalal wrote generic rope code.
15/08/99  Nalal fixed the history autogen code.
03/09/99  Nalal remembered he hadn't been updating this file :(.
03/09/99  Nalal extended the credits list slightly.
05/09/99  Nalal made the autogen web pages use CSS.
20/09/99  Nalal remembered he hadn't been updating this file [again] :(.
20/09/99  Nalal got a really pedantic c-compiler and had to tidy the code up.
20/09/99  Nalal tidied up the global command.
21/09/99  Nalal did more work on autogen HTML.
21/09/99  Nalal made the game prompt new players for an e-mail address.
22/09/99  Nalal added moods etc. to tells/says.
27/09/99  Nalal modified info zformat to include rope information.
28/09/99  Nalal updated the credits list.
15/11/99  Nalal fixed conversation mode.
15/11/99  Nalal added a new exit to shazareth.
15/11/99  Nalal fixed immortal remote actions.
15/11/99  Nalal fixed the inventory listing for other players.
15/11/99  Nalal changed the internal structure of the info command.
15/11/99  Nalal changed the way lit is handled when wizards turn mortal.
16/11/99  Nalal went all ANSI standard and changed the bulletin boards,
	  pager, the function which sends data, the main mud subroutine
	  and the zone structure to make them more compliant.
16/11/99  Nalal wrote the rats specials.
16/11/99  Nalal turned the rats zone into the Apollo quest.
17/11/99  Nalal wrote the quest status system and done specials for
	  ElvenForest for the system.
17/11/99  Nalal fixed a small (and insignificant) bug in NARS.
17/11/99  Nalal changed the info/policy files slightly.
22/11/99  Nalal changed it so that people with nowet enabled don't see 
	  season changes.
22/11/99  Nalal changed the start zone slightly.
22/11/99  Nalal removed some redundant commands.
22/11/99  Nalal added the humour command.
22/11/99  Nalal fixed a bug where a mobiles inventory didn't show if they
	  were wielding a weapon or just carrying it.
23/11/99  Nalal aliased qstat to qdone.
23/11/99  Nalal made slight change to mithdan quest.
23/11/99  Nalal added languages for the Claymonster and Apollo quests.
24/11/99  Nalal made a small change to the rats zone.
24/11/99  Nalal made a small change to the scooby zone.
26/11/99  Nalal added the duration command and fixed the duration timings.
26/11/99  Nalal removed the display of object numbers from compare.
29/11/99  Nalal removed some typos.
02/12/99  Nalal made the email write function free up its file
	  descriptor. [D]
02/12/99  Nalal changed the way victims for spells were automatically
	  decided. [D]
02/12/99  Nalal changed the email handling routines. [D]
02/12/99  Nalal reorderd the help file. [D]
06/12/99  Nalal wrote generic boat/breather/float code.
06/12/99  Nalal made mobiles leave corpses. (this is going to cause so
	  much trouble!) [D]
06/12/99  Nalal added the NoCorpse mflag.
09/12/99  First player to reach 1,000,000 points (Gonk.)
12/12/99  Nalal fixed some typos.
12/12/99  Nalal let wizards talk into sound proofed rooms.
12/12/99  Nalal extended the syslog somewhat.
12/12/99  Nalal fixed some of the autogen html tables (thanks, Major.)
12/12/99  Nalal had a go at fixing the BT internet bug which prevents
	  players from going linkdead when they get cut off.
07/01/00  Nalal added wflags and aflags.
08/01/00  Plzt colourcoded all the qinfo files and the help screen.
09/01/00  Plzt colourcoded/enchanced the castle zone.
10/01/00  Nalal made players who re-enter not be put back to the start
10/01/00  Nalal updated the auto-html generator to handle colours.
10/01/00  Nalal changed stat/show slightly.
10/01/00  Nalal changed it so that linkdead players can be exo'd since
	  before if they were exo'd the game became a little unstable.
10/01/00  Nalal rewrote all the setin functions as the previous ones were
	  a bit pants.
11/01/00  Plzt colourcoded credits file and many more.
11/01/00  Plzt suggested more in-game colourcodes.
15/01/00  Plzt colourcoded the new wizard message.
16/01/00  Plzt suggested colourcodes for more commands. 
19/01/00  Nalal implemented Plzt's colourcodes.
19/01/00  Nalal changed whon to who and who to whol.
19/01/00  Nalal fixed a few little bugs.
19/01/00  Now heal 5 times faster than before.
19/01/00  Nalal fixed the mailer crash bug, hopefully. :)
19/01/00  Nalal removed all the tab stops from the mortal help screen.
19/01/00  Nalal fixed a small bug in the Apollo quest.
20/01/00  Nalal changed all the level names.
20/01/00  Nalal fixed a few bugs with players getting quests.
20/01/00  Nalal added the pensalon zone.
20/01/00  Nalal added the aircastle quest.
20/01/00  Nalal added the "default" command.
20/01/00  Nalal added the bhelliom quest.
21/01/00  Nalal removed some of the boring "Ok." respones from a few	
21/01/00  Nalal changed a few wiz privs (Masterwizards+ can now burn ;)
21/01/00  Nalal added qpoints.
21/01/00  Nalal added the lasttells feature and extended the linkdead code
21/01/00  Nalal made 15 quest points required to wiz.
21/01/00  Nalal changed the code so there are more potential dtraps for
	  immortals ;>
21/01/00  Nalal fixed the mailer bug (again! ;)
21/01/00  Nalal made a Readjustment of god privelages (taking lots away 
	  so typo's are less likely to break things :)
22/01/00  Nalal and Plzt done more colourcoding.
22/01/00  Plzt colourcoded all the policy/info files.
22/01/00  Nalal done some misc. Big fixes
23/01/00  Nalal fixed some crash bugs, thanks to Seoman.
23/01/00  Plzt colourcoded the in-game maps.
24/01/00  Nalal done more colourcoding of commands.
26/01/00  Nalal fixed up the autgen html so it closed and opened the evil font
	  tags in a nicer way in compliance with Major's high standards.
10/02/00  Nalal done lots of colourcodes.
15/02/00  Nalal fixed a few trivial bugs.	  
18/02/00  Nalal fixed a crash bug, thanks Gonk.
20/02/00  Nalal got rid of the kick out player [y/n] message.
20/02/00  Nalal tried to fix the btinternet click of death bug - again.
20/02/00  Nalal formated some help files (Masterwiz+ removal of tabs)
26/02/00  Nalal compiled some extra modules into the mud ;>
28/02/00  Nalal fixed a small bug with linkdead lasttells.
28/02/00  Nalal added the heaven zone.
11/03/00  Plzt enhanced the icecave zone.
11/03/00  Plzt enhanced the labyrinth zone.
17/03/00  Shadowydeath enhanced the chruch zone.
28/03/00  Shadowydeath enhanced the pensalon zone.
19/05/00  Nalal made small update to html who listing.
20/05/00  Nalal fixed a few info files. [D]
20/05/00  Nalal fixed the northern map. [D]
20/05/00  Nalal made Deaf and Blind reset when you log in now.
20/05/00  Nalal fixed some typos.
20/05/00  Nalal made wizards not get credit for killing something.
20/05/00  Nalal changed it so you can't go above maximum strength
20/05/00  Nalal made a new object behave as a potion.
20/05/00  Nalal renamed the ball in blizzard to sphere.
20/05/00  Nalal made forceall's be recorded in the syslog.
23/05/00  Nalal added aflags to all the armour.
24/05/00  Nalal added wflags to all the weapons.
24/05/00  Nalal added bflags to all the mobiles.
24/05/00  Nalal changed the formating of where slightly.
24/05/00  Nalal added an error message with some instructions if people try to
          type defrob, refrob, remort or immort.
24/05/00  Nalal made a slight change to the usage of default.
24/05/00  Nalal allowed colour codes to be sent raw to peoples terminals if
24/05/00  Nalal added an idea command.
24/05/00  Nalal made the new body-combat engine read for beta testing.
05/06/00  Nalal finished rewriting the spells system.
05/06/00  Nalal put in place the skills system.
07/06/00  Nalal added leetspeak.
08/06/00  Nalal made steal a skill.
08/06/00  Nalal added the disarm skill.
09/06/00  Nalal added protective magical object flags.
09/06/00  Nalal tidied up the zone writers guide.
09/06/00  Nalal added the picklock skill.
12/06/00  Marduke enhanced the pirate zone.
13/06/00  Nalal added the commstat command.
14/06/00  Nalal made mobiles desc change if they were fighting.
14/06/00  Nalal added a question asking for colour support when a player creates
	  a new character.
14/06/00  Nalal fixed it so that the hostname of a player is updated if they 
          log back in again.
14/06/00  Nalal changed it so you can now "eat food from container"
18/06/00  Marduke enhanced the castle zone.
19/06/00  Marduke enhanced the town zone.
21/06/00  Marduke promoted to Prophet.
21/06/00  Nalal changed how the say messages were displayed.
21/06/00  Nalal made a slight change as to how "stat" decided which player to 
21/06/00  Nalal made new bulletin board messages be checked for as you log on.
21/06/00  Smog done some testing on the new combat engine.
23/06/00  Marduke changed the cathedral zone to 7DOF format.
23/06/00  Marduke changed the ildharas zone to 7DOF format.
24/06/00  Marduke enhanced the talon zone.
25/06/00  Marduke enhanced the ancient zone.	  
28/06/00  Nalal coded up the cathedral specials.
28/06/00  Nalal made cathedral a quest.
28/06/00  Nalal added the findweapon, findobject, findmobile and findtype
28/06/00  Nalal made a few tweaks to the combat engine.
29/06/00  Nalal coded up the ildharas specials
29/06/00  Nalal made ildharas a quest.
29/06/00  Nalal added messages for spectators in combat.
29/06/00  Nalal made a small change to excalibur. ;>
29/06/00  Nalal made a few changes to the follow code.
29/06/00  Nalal added the potion oflag.
30/06/00  Nalal changed the combat messages slightly.
30/06/00  Nalal added the proper oflag.
30/06/00  Nalal made a small change to summoning objects.
30/06/00  Nalal made pose and bang proper spells.
16/07/00  Marduke submitted veld zone.
18/07/00  Marduke promoted to Avatar.
21/07/00  Lumina upgraded wizard zone.
24/07/00  Marduke upgraded freedom to include the tower of fate.
05/08/00  Marduke upgraded scorched zone to 7DOF format.
05/08/00  Marduke created the desert zone.
07/08/00  Lumina submitted a ton of adverbs for the combat engine.
12/08/00  Nalal finished the veld specials.
14/08/00  Marduke submitted bull zone.
15/08/00  Swineherd finished eosia upgrade.
19/08/00  Lumina finished pensalon upgrade.
21/08/00  Bazquux upgraded aircastle zone.
25/08/00  Nalal got the chess board working (finally).
27/08/00  Marduke upgraded the chess zone.
29/08/00  Marduke finished the newbie zone.
03/09/00  Nalal finally got the newbie zone to compile (he was trying to
	  be clever with macros and just wasted a whole heap of time)
06/09/00  Nalal changed "armor" to "armour"
09/09/00  Nalal added support for underlining (stole from Astral Plains)
17/09/00  Nalal finished the pensalon quest.
17/09/00  Nalal made pensalon into the Xanicar quest.
17/09/00  Big upgrade to new server.
18/09/00  Nalal fixed a few typos.
18/09/00  Nalal made max vis level for powers all the same.
18/09/00  Nalal added displaying of flees to wizards (and the noflee
19/09/00  Nalal done the bull specials.
19/09/00  Nalal made the sock of horus less powerful.
19/09/00  Nalal fixed the chessboard (hopefully).
24/09/00  Nalal makde bull a quest.
24/09/00  Nalal added a testport feature.
27/09/00  Nalal fixed the fakquit vislevels.
28/09/00  Nalal added "policy characters".
30/09/00  Nalal added "laston" command and fixed "finger" command.
30/09/00  Nalal fixed a few combat engine typos (cheers swineherd).
30/09/00  Nalal removed reference from the chatroom from start1 and start2.
30/09/00  Nalal fixed a few zone typos (again, cheers swineherd)
30/09/00  Nalal added a message when someone goes mortal/immortal.
30/09/00  Nalal added qdone system for shaz and excalibur (thanks to
	  Lumina for the coding)
01/10/00  Nalal added qdone system for fieryking and holygrail (thanks to
	  Lumina for the coding)
01/10/00  Nalal fixed a gender problem in the lasttells/linkdead system
	  (thanks lynda)
01/10/00  Nalal added the scamper skill.
10/10/00  Nalal fixed a grammer problem with judge.
14/10/99  Nalal made the "quests" command not check mobiles. [D]
14/10/99  Nalal made the pflags auto calibrate every time someone logs in. [D]
14/10/00  Nalal fixed a few typos.
14/10/00  Nalal fixed the multiple login bug.
16/10/00  Nalal fixed loads of typos (cheers swineherd.)
16/10/00  Nalal made it so wizards cannot change other peoples titles.
16/10/00  Nalal fixed the "aid mobile" bug.
17/10/00  Nalal made the mud capable of binding to a specific IP number.
20/10/00  Nalal made whoever changed news be logged.
21/10/00  Marduke updated freedom zone.
21/10/00  Swineherd fixed typos in pensalon.
21/10/00  Vampyra upgraded frobozz zone.
23/10/00  Vampyra upgraded island zone.
23/10/00  Vampyra upgraded tower zone.
24/10/00  Nalal fixed the getflips issue in the newbie zone.
24/10/00  Nalal fixed a bug in eforest (grrr, Major)
27/10/00  Nalal fixed a load of typos, courtesy of swineherd.
27/10/00  Nalal removed the nonsense tournament info file.
27/10/00  Nalal changed the format of shout.
27/10/00  Nalal fixed the goblin stone.
28/10/00  Nalal tried to change all instances of color to colour.
01/11/00  Nalal made a small change to the profile command (for Dale).
02/11/00  Nalal fixed the rm_pid_file problem.
02/11/00  Nalal fixed a crash bug with global chat lines.
02/11/00  Nalal fixed a crash bug with players sending long tells.
02/11/00  Nalal fixed bugs in blizzard and nvillage (thanks Jaakan)
02/11/00  Nalal fixed his bug fix for global chat lines.
03/11/00  Vampyra upgrades scorch zone.
04/11/00  Nalal made bull temple a little more difficult.
04/11/00  Nalal fixed the junk going in the highscores tables.
04/11/00  Nalal made a small fix the change command if a player doesn't exist.
04/11/00  Swineherd wrote descriptions for changing class.
04/11/00  Swineherd updated PINFO
05/11/00  Nalal added classes section to tutorial zone.
05/11/00  Nalal updated wizroom info to include speed field.
08/11/00  Nalal added lumina's qdone for mana quest.
08/11/00  Nalal fixed some typos (Wildfire, Swineherd, Jaakan)
08/11/00  Nalal aliased noweather to nowet.
08/11/00  Eve upgraded the heaven zone.
08/11/00  Swineherd wrote the backstab skill.
09/11/00  Jaakan upgraded waste zone.
10/11/00  Eve upgraded the ruins zone.
11/11/00  Vampyra upgraded the oaktree zone.
12/11/00  Nalal added Swineherd's backstab skill.
13/11/00  Jaakan fixed a few bugs in waste zone.
13/11/00  Nalal added features to integrate 7DOF with gdb.
15/11/00  Jaakan updated the default setins.
18/11/00  Nalal fixed the default setins system.
19/11/00  Nalal made up a zone status document.
19/11/00  Nalal done the specials for scorhed zone.
19/11/00  Sniper upgraded catacomb zone.
19/11/00  Nalal added a powers only section to the web page.
19/11/00  Nalal added the class listing to the score command.
19/11/00  Nalal made a players class get put in their title.
19/11/00  Nalal fixed the spell system so that mobiles can cast them.
20/11/00  Nalal fixed the "everyone turns into a goblin" bug.
20/11/00  Nalal fixed a bug in trace (cheers Dale).
20/11/00  Nalal fixed a bug with wizlist and actions.
21/11/00  Nalal added the "info fullhistory" and "info history" files.
22/11/00  Nalal fixed a bug in veld (thanks Sniper).
24/11/00  Vampyra upgraded the rome zone.
26/11/00  Nalal fixed a bug where new characters got a random number of flees.
27/11/00  Jaakan upgraded the newvillage zone.
27/11/00  Nalal added the prince and king mortal levels.
28/11/00  Nalal added the ultrawizard level.
28/11/00  Nalal renamed NDIS and NARS to DIS and ARS.
28/11/00  Nalal added the shaman and lich class.
28/11/00  Nalal added the foresight spell.
28/11/00  Nalal added info wizard.
03/12/00  Nalal wrote the devour skill.
03/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug where changing class didn't adjust your actual
	  strength and mana.
03/12/00  Nalal adjusted how the Lich's strength works.
03/12/00  Nalal reorganised the priveledges.
03/12/00  Nalal changed the weather change system slightly. (Message sent 
          to power).
03/12/00  Nalal made the nomagic flag work.
03/12/00  Nalal fixed it so you can't give things to corpses.
04/12/00  Swineherd wrote change messages for lich/shaman.
05/12/00  Vampyra upgraded the moor zone.
05/12/00  Nalal added the wherespell oflag.
05/12/00  Nalal lowered the max strength of the assasin.
05/12/00  Nalal chaned earl to count.
06/12/00  Nalal fixed the wizlist.
06/12/00  Nalal updated calwiz.
06/12/00  Nalal fixed the detection for whether or not you have a spell.
06/12/00  Nalal fixed a potential crash bug in "change class".
06/12/00  Jaakan did some more work on the nvillage zone.
09/12/00  Nalal fixed some typos (Dale, Vampyra, Swineherd, Jaakan, 
	  Ramesees, Sewolf, Wildfire)
09/12/00  Nalal fixed the cabin door in the veld zone.
09/12/00  Nalal made a small change to the typo command. [D]
10/12/00  Nalal fixed compare.
11/12/00  Vampyra upgraded the hick zone.
11/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug in score (thanks Paul).
11/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with ultimates devouring (Swineherd).
11/12/00  Nalal updated the frobchart to include ultrawizard.
11/12/00  Nalal fixed missing nflags (Dale).
11/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with corpses being made too quickly (Dale).
11/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug in backstab (Swineherd).
11/12/00  Nalal reduced the chances of the tree eating you.
11/12/00  Nalal made forceall tell the invoker what happened.
11/12/00  Nalal made the potion on veld a potion (Sniper).
11/12/00  Nalal fixed aid (Sniper).
11/12/00  Nalal added chalice message (Dale).
11/12/00  Nalal fixed some bugs with "change vis" and also ultrawizards 
11/12/00  Nalal fixed a bugs with weapons being wielded incorrectly.
12/12/00  Nalal fixed a missing exit in belg zone (thanks Paul).
13/12/00  Nalal upped the maximum pieces of armour on any one part of the
          body and rewrote some loops so that the code won't crash if this
	  is exceeded. Doh! (big thanks to Paul for finding out exactly why 
	  the crashes were happening).
13/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with ultrawizards going invis.
16/12/00  Marduke upgraded the cathedral zone.
17/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with backstab.
17/12/00  Nalal added the "nowhere" oflag.
17/12/00  Nalal changed the description messages for stones of fate. 
17/12/00  Nalal updated the cathedral specials.
17/12/00  Nalal gave the ring object in oaktree an aflag.
18/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with the pflags system.
18/12/00  Nalal added some muds to the mudlist.
19/12/00  Nalal fixed one of the most horrible bugs ever (ask Dale, 
	  he has the gory details of the Day he became "Dale the Nalal").
20/12/00  Nalal fixed a potential bug with backstab.
20/12/00  Nalal modified the cathedral zone slightly.
20/12/00  Nalal finished the nvillage specials. [D]
21/12/00  Marduke wrote the class info file.
23/12/00  Nalal fixed a divide by zero bug.
23/12/00  Nalal made a small change to nvillage (greenbeard dissappearing).
23/12/00  Major amended the tutorial zone.
27/12/00  Nalal added he nopick oflag.
27/12/00  Nalal added some actions (thanks to Eve.)
28/12/00  Nalal added some new classes.
28/12/00  Nalal put the infrastrcutre for companion code in place.
28/12/00  Nalal removed the last of the \r control codes.
29/12/00  Vampyra colourcoded the tutorial zone.
29/12/00  Vampyra submitted the kleth zone.
30/12/00  Nalal fixed a bug with apprentices pitting things and getting points.
30/12/00  Nalal allowed powers to use in/at anywhere.
30/12/00  Nalal made the away flag be cleared on login.
01/01/01  Nalal made newbie, powers and wizard zone not be included in 
	  maximum armour calculation.
02/01/01  Moses came.
03/01/01  Nalal changed the text at the bottom of "levels".
03/01/01  Vampyra updated the eforest zone.
03/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with wizards seeing higher comms lines.
05/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with damage/blur spells.
05/01/01  Nalal fixed all the line breaks in the tutorial zone. (They were fine
          until Vampyra got a hold of the zone.)
05/01/01  Nalal tried to fix the mailer (from bugfixes suggested by Drey).
05/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with mobiles escaping from scorched zone.
05/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with foresight not taking off mana.
05/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with the where spell taking you to negative mana.
07/01/01  Vampyra coloured the forest zone.
07/01/01  Vampyra coloured the treehouse zone.
08/01/01  Nalal put the mud under CVS control.
09/01/01  Nalal added various testport options.
09/01/01  Nalal removed the link tracker. (We were at 3750 btw, it is no longer
          very meaningful with the mud under CVS control).
11/01/01  Nalal put back in some \r's to fix problems with some clients.
11/01/01  Nalal made idle login descriptors be timed out.
12/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with companions.
13/01/01  Nalal fixed a bug with commstat.
14/01/01  Nalal tried to fix the lost input handler bug.
14/01/01  Moses spoke!
15/01/01  Lumina upgraded camelot.
15/01/01  Nalal fixed the chess board.
16/01/01  Nalal colourcoded the chess board.
17/01/01  Vampyra coloured the actions file.
21/01/01  Nalal made the compilation process faster.
21/01/01  Nalal done the Kleth specials
24/01/01  Nalal made the mud check for missing w/a/bflags
21/01/01  Vampyra coloured orchold zone.
21/01/01  Vampyra coloured fantasy zone.
21/01/01  Vampyra coloured village zone.
01/02/01  Vampyra coloured belg zone.
01/02/01  Vampyra coloured ali zone.
01/02/01  Vampyra coloured scooby zone.
01/02/01  Nalal made kleth a quest.
01/02/01  Swineherd fixed loads of typos (Paul, Swineherd, Jaakan, Vampyra, Ger,
          Major, Sniper.)
02/02/01  Nalal wrote the walkonwater skill.
02/02/01  Swineherd wrote the Heaven specials.
03/02/01  Nalal wrote the ressurect spell.
03/02/01  Nalal enhanced the compare command.
04/02/01  Vampyra colourcoded the weather messages.
05/02/01  Swineherd wrote the pwish command.
06/02/01  Nalal added the shrine of location.
06/02/01  Lumina upgraded the island zone.
07/02/01  Nalal made vampires drink blood in combat.
10/02/01  Vampyra and Nalal revamped the score command.
14/02/01  Vampyra colourcoded the levels command.
17/02/01  Nalal and Swineherd fixed all the line breaks.
17/02/01  Jaakan wrote the Lackhand zonefile
18/02/01  Nalal added the gravity spell.
18/02/01  Nalal closed off kleth to high level players.
18/02/01  Nalal removed the ability to spell spam for all classes except Druid.
20/02/01  Wildfire added the tiphat, whoosh, wback, clueless, despair and
	  greedy actions.
25/02/01  Vampyra done mage reviews.
25/02/01  Vampyra colourcoded the history command.
25/02/01  Vampyra colourcoded the healall command.
28/02/01  Lumina split up the eforest zone into eforest/eforestII.
28/02/01  Eve upgraded the sea to include a bridge.
01/03/01  Vampyra colourcoded the blizzard zone.
01/03/01  Vampyra added vampire and demon setins/outs.
03/03/01  Nalal added [away] and [idle] flags to the prompt code.
03/03/01  Nalal stopped mobiles escaping from the desert.
03/03/01  Nalal made xanicar a little easier.
03/03/01  Nalal split the maps up into north, central, south
03/03/01  Nalal moved nvillage.
02/03/01  Lumina wrote a journal for the prancing pony.
03/03/01  Nalal added Lumina's journal.
04/03/01  Swineherd wrote the specials for the bridge in sea.
05/03/01  Swineherd (finally) finished the Lackhand specials.
05/03/01  Nalal made Lackhand a quest.
06/03/01  Nalal fixed prompt being displayed twice on public comms   
06/03/01  Swineherd fixed Heaven.
06/03/01  Swineherd cleared out his backlog of typos.
06/03/01  Vampyra coloured the tower zone (again).
06/03/01  Vampyra wrote pixie reviews.
06/03/01  Nalal fixed access bugs in mwho, setstart, mobiles, objects, 
	  treasure, mstat, lflags, exorcise, mflags, locations and exits.
	      ... Thanks to Paul for the reports
10/03/01  Vampyra wrote thief reviews.
11/03/01  Nalal added proper noun checking in the combat engine.
11/03/01  Nalal tweaked the gravity spell.
11/03/01  Nalal aliased fakelogout to fakequit.
12/03/01  Nalal fixed a bug with the final blow of a fight not giving any
14/03/01  Nalal fixed a bug with dark rooms not being dark.
16/03/01  Wildfire added mutter,proud,tut,tsk and tgrin actions.
17/03/01  Nalal wrote efood.
17/03/01  Nalal fixed a bug with sestart.
17/03/01  Nalal fixed a bug with alias.
17/03/01  Nalal added a change flees option. [D]
18/03/01  Nalal changed away so that you can change your reason without
          returning to your keyboard.
18/03/01  Nalal made compare a skill.
18/03/01  Nalal changed tutorial zone to mention kleth.
18/03/01  Nalal changed the losing concentration message.
18/03/01  Nalal changed lasttells so you get a message if nothing is stored.
18/03/01  Nalal changed the feedback messages on force.
18/03/01  Nalal added kills to score.
18/03/01  Nalal added the hide spell.
18/03/01  Nalal added a message for powers whenever a typo/bug/idea is 
18/03/01  Nalal added a message so players know what class they can be when
	  the level.
19/03/01  Nalal fixed bugs in punt, burn and sic.
20/03/01  Swineherd fixed a small bug in Lackhand.
20/03/01  Swineherd added feedback to wish and pwish.
20/03/01  Swineherd altered Suzanne - Immortals no longer have to pay to
          cross and value of object needed is now linked to player level.
20/03/01  Swineherd fixed a lot of typos. (Swineherd, Nalal, Lumina, Dale,
          Dragonfly, Marx.)
20/03/01  Nalal put a limit on title lengths.
20/03/01  Nalal fixed crash bugs in title and prompt.
20/03/01  Nalal added an immortality check on the eosia zone.
20/03/01  Nalal removed the pit from eosia.
20/03/01  Swineherd added some actions - bah, faf, agree, choc, gulp
22/03/01  Nalal added the fill verb.
23/03/01  Vampyra wrote reviews for the elf and paladin class.
26/03/01  Nalal fixed access problems in trace.
26/03/01  Nalal added the cstat command.
26/03/01  Nalal fixed some stuff in shazareth.
27/03/01  Swineherd added some actions - tilt, cel, byou, shifty, sass, sarc
          wilt, droop, tnose, swear, chortle, fwash, pace, eyebrow.
27/03/01  Swineherd fixed a lot of typos - Jaakan, Lumina, Swineherd. (6am)
27/03/01  Swineherd fixed a *lot* more typos. (2pm)
27/03/01  Swineherd added the dive verb.
30/03/01  Nalal added nomiss. [D]
30/03/01  Jaakan extended the blizzard zone.
30/03/01  Nalal made water a quest. [D]
31/03/01  Nalal colourcoded dropall.
31/03/01  Nalal added code checks for paragraph spacing.
31/03/01  Nalal changed trace slightly.
31/03/01  Nalal added messages for people when someone writes on a board.
01/04/01  Nalal fixed a load of americanisms and the wrong number of dots
	  in ellipsis
04/04/01  Jaakan made some cosmetic changes to Mithdan.
05/04/01  Swineherd added the Grab, Staple and Release verbs.
05/04/01  Swineherd coded some specials for the powers zone.
05/04/01  Swineherd coloured the idleusers command.
05/04/01  Swineherd coloured and added level numbers to the info wizard file.
05/04/01  Swineherd looked at his todo list and decided to clear it out
05/04/01  Vampyra extended the blizzard zone slightly.
05/04/01  Jaakan found out how to amend this file. Rewrite history
          Muahahah! Better not, Nalal might rewrite me.
          Added futile, handbag actions, finished mithdan off.
09/04/01  Nalal added some periods to the info/map/qinfo no file found 
09/04/01  Nalal allowed the ruins platform/statue to be opened from the bottom.
10/04/01  Nalal removed a load of ".."s and "...."s.
10/04/01  Vampyra wrote lich and shaman reviews.
10/04/01  Vampyra wrote nada,swoon,wowie and ffs actions.
10/04/01  Swineherd wrote the csaw action and removed the smirk action.
11/04/01  Nalal put the smirk action back in... *smirk*
13/04/01  Swineherd cleared out most of the todo list he was going to clear
          out a week ago.
13/04/01  Swineherd coded up the Triton specials.
13/04/01  Swineherd fixed more typos.
13/04/01  Swineherd modified the powers specials, and coded up some new ones. [D]
14/04/01  Swineherd added the whap, points, woo, coax, jeer, worry, aie and rar
          actions, and removed smirk again. *cackle*
16/04/01  Swineherd de-americanised triton.
16/04/01  Nalal finished the evil specials.
17/04/01  Nalal sorted out smirk for good.
19/04/01  Nalal made evil a quest.
19/04/01  Swineherd finished the triton specials.
19/04/01  Nalal made triton a quest.
19/04/01  Nalal added the monday action.
19/04/01  Swineherd fixed an invis bug.
19/04/01  Nalal allowed you to go on water if a boat is in the same room.
20/04/01  Nalal removed languages.
20/04/01  Nalal upgraded to 64 bit qflags.
20/04/01  Nalal added zflags and gold to the player database structure.
20/04/01  Nalal added a players questpoints to the bottom of the
          "quests" command.
20/04/01  Nalal extended cstat to take non-integer arguments.
20/04/01  Nalal added logging of a wrong password attempt when using become.  
23/04/01  Dale done a load of qdone stuff.
24/04/01  Jaakan added a skills section to pinfo and coloured the index.
24/04/01  Nalal made invis players show up in rooms.
24/04/01  Nalal completed the currency low level infrastructure.
25/04/01  Nalal modified Dale's code slightly.
27/04/01  Nalal removed tiptoe.
27/04/01  Nalal changed the error message for a verb which is missing.
29/04/01  Nalal added the fiffle action.
29/04/01  Vampyra added chat.zone :D hehe
01/05/01  Swineherd fixed the listen command so it did what act listen says.
01/05/01  Swineherd set up a java telnet client for the webpage.
01/05/01  Swineherd did some work on eforestii.
01/05/01  Swineherd fixed a lot of typos.
01/05/01  Swineherd removed all instances of .. from the actions file.
04/05/01  Swineherd added the shakeh, baby, behave, whee, quiverl, yeeks,
          awe, encore, bink, kid, wise, nods, vodka, swass, pah, shrug,
          reject, chatterbox, luff, matchstick, spink, tm, tweed and
          politic actions.
06/05/01  Vampyra added the moron, rainbow and snarl actions.
07/05/01  Nalal made ars reset locations.
16/05/01  Nalal added an on-screen warning for powers for lost input handlers.
16/05/01  Nalal made a small change to the socket command.
17/05/01  Swineherd fixed typos in Oz.
20/05/01  Nalal wrote the low level zone defined messages code.
23/05/01  Nalal allowed core dumps plus the daemon to continue running should
	  a crash occur
25/05/01  Nalal wrote some of the high level zone defined messages code.
25/05/01  Nalal fixed a bug with apprentices on the mortal user list.
26/05/01  Nalal fixed some mailer bugs.
26/05/01  Lumina finiished the Shaman zone.
26/05/01  Nalal implemented the Shaman zone.
27/05/01  Nalal wrote some more of the high level zone defined messages code.
27/05/01  Swineherd changed all instances of multiple dots which do not conform
          to Nalal's 3 dot standard from the zonefiles.
27/05/01  Swineherd removed all Americanisms from the zonefiles.
27/05/01  Swineherd fixed some typos.
28/05/01  Nalal doubled up kleth.
28/05/01  Nalal fixed a bug with the tollbooth.
29/05/01  Nalal fixed a bug with the runesword.
29/05/01  Nalal made a trivial change to the end of holygrail.
26/06/01  Jaakan made a few changes to Evil to make it (slightly) easier
          continued working on felldwarf, fixed open, close and unlock so
          other players can see the messages, revamped (sorry) powers10     
26/06/01  Swineherd coded up the eforestii specials.
26/06/01  Swineherd fixed typos.
03/07/01  Vampyra contemplated taking over a small country but decided
          on doing some actions instead and added the sniffle and
          np actions.
03/07/01  Swineherd created Wizard Information files (winfo)
04/07/01  Vampyra decided Swineherd couldn't colour to save himself
          and recoloured winfo.
04/07/01  Swineherd added a few things to Wizard and Powers zones.
04/07/01  Swineherd added the kissh, mso, backh and heh actions.
04/07/01  Swineherd fixed line breakes in wizard zone.
06/07/01  Swineherd fixed an invis bug in drop.
07/07/01  Swineherd added the aybabtu, bossy, brag, collapse, dodge, hat,
          hjoy, misline, nut, sweat, hate, plead, chin, hips, protect,
          sway, smug, baffled, excellent, bellys and tslap actions.
08/07/01  Nalal fixed a few small things in eforestII.
08/07/01  Nalal made winfo only available to wizards.
08/07/01  Nalal added help for winfo.
08/07/01  Nalal gave archwiz+ ban commands.
11/07/01  Swineherd changed the home command to make it look nicer.
11/07/01  Swineherd added a targetted form of the wave command.
13/07/01  Swineherd decided on a new standard for all lit objects
          and went through all the zonefiles, changing every lit and
          lightable object to meet this new standard.
23/07/01  Vampyra colourcoded ledge.
24/07/01  Jaakan realised that he hasnt been putting anything in the
          history file, so.. corrected some typos in evil and added a
          few descriptions, also some typos in new actions added, and
          put in vnod action.  Altered findarmour and findweapon to
          show the armour/damage values of objects for archwiz+.
          Realised that there was no key in waste zone, added one.
          Fixed a couple of typos in kleth.  
          Added some more code/rooms to felldwarf, should be ready
27/07/01  Swineherd coloured some in-game messages.
27/07/01  Swineherd added logging for sex changes.
28/07/01  Swineherd changed some of the powers specials a wee bit. [D]
29/07/01  Swineherd finished lumina's power room specials. (hungover)
29/07/01  Swineherd moved immort/remort messages out of seeext.
29/07/01  Swineherd made a small change to some of the mobiles in
29/07/01  Swineherd fixed a trivial bug in Lackhand.
29/07/01  Swineherd fixed a small bug in Triton.
29/07/01  Swineherd fixed a small bug in Painting.
29/07/01  Nalal made a small change to the archwiz+ socket command.
29/07/01  Nalal changed the entry message so that re-entered will be 
          displayed if appropriate.
29/07/01  Nalal made the evil auditor nohassle.
29/07/01  Nalal made a small fix to krull.
29/07/01  Nalal added the infrastrucutre for spell dependent death messages.
29/07/01  Vampyra added the frolic,flarf(Just for Lumina!) and the ooh
05/08/01  Vampyra added the depress,glum,sweet,sad and scrunch actions.
07/08/01  Nalal added the rforest, river, oldcity and smount zones (by Lumina).
09/08/01  Nalal implemented zflags.
09/08/01  Nalal made shaman a quest.
09/08/01  Nalal made bluediamond a quest.
09/08/01  Nalal tightened up some of the socket messages being shown to wizards.
10/08/01  Nalal made randomtext for objects and randomsay & randomaction for
	  mobiles work.
13/08/01  Jaakan got moaned at a lot for not writing in the history file.
          So, added arrivesay, leavesay, greeting, goodbye, dietext.
          Upgraded waste zone, church zone, treehouse zone.
          Added directions to the arrive messages for mobiles.
          Added porcellina's corridors to the chat rooms.
          Added the eyes action, changed the current eyes action to unfo.
          Coded Doom, fixed some typos in doom, coast, and sheriff.
          Added an exit from blizzard to shaman.
          There's more, but I can't think of it, sorry.
19/08/01  Nalal added female immortal level names (e.g. demigoddess).
21/08/01  Swineherd added a small extra to lackhand.
21/08/01  Swineherd fixed one of the pirate specials.
21/08/01  Swineherd coloured some messages.
21/08/01  Swineherd stopped mobiles escaping from pensalon.
21/08/01  Swineherd fixed something in lackhand.
21/08/01  Swineherd made host/tty show users for non powers.
26/08/01  Vampyra changed some of the lflags in chat.zone.
27/08/01  Swineherd fixed a load of typos.
30/08/01  Vampyra colourcoded and upgraded Krull.zone.
04/09/01  Vampyra colourcoded rats.zone and realised how many 
          uncolourcoded zones she overlooked.
09/09/01  Nalal made raw and txtraw look like system.
10/09/01  Swineherd coded the Gold zone specials.
10/09/01  Swineherd continued work on his Metamorphosis zone.
20/09/01  Nalal gave more classes the where spell.
21/09/01  Lumina fixed the 'chicory' bug and 'Jinx' bug in Pensalon.
          Prevented dungeon rats from escaping the dungeon in Pensalon.
          Prevented the Beggar from wandering into aimless places she should 
          not wander into...
          Debugged Azrial, fixed tons of Azrial typos, coloured Azrial 
          specials and zone file, continues to work on testing Azrial.  
20/09/01  Swineherd made a change to the hair action [D]
21/09/01  Swineherd got told what he'd done and changed the hair action
          back to what it was before [Hungover]
23/09/01  Nalal added infrastrucutre for wielding two weapons at once.
25/09/01  Swineherd fixed invis bugs in some of the special actions.
26/09/01  Swineherd wrote the ripvoicebox and implantvoicebox commands.
26/09/01  Swineherd toned ripvoicebox down slightly in preparation for Nalal's
          new command...
29/09/01  Swineherd changed entry procedure.
29/09/01  Vampyra put in corridors for the Powers rooms.
29/09/01  Vampyra colourcoded mountain.zone.
29/09/01  Vampyra colourcoded dead.zone.
30/09/01  Vampyra colourcoded misc.zone.
30/09/01  Swineherd converted Elezar's Troy zone for 7dof and implemented it.
30/09/01  Swineherd changed the mudwide punt message.
30/09/01  Swineherd fixed a bug in the exit command.
02/10/01  Jaakan tidied up judge and wimpy.
02/10/01  Nalal made mana changes be logged.
02/10/01  Nalal removed the clevel verb.
02/10/01  Nalal stopped negative value objects giving players negative scores.
02/10/01  Nalal made war/peace commands be logged.
10/10/01  Swineherd fixed a couple of possible ways out of hell.
13/10/01  Nalal removed Emmy, Khaybaby and Mindy.
15/10/01  Jaakan did some work on gold, tidied up some typos in aircastle
          and eosia, fixed a naughty bug that made dead mobiles do actions,
          which turned up two more bugs, (fixed), finished testing the
          new mobile movement system, made users for mortals show class,
          worried a bit about his regen code (unnecessarily).. and had
          another couple of ideas but supressed them in favour of not 
          getting shouted at for not finishing things.
23/10/01  Vampyra totally rewrote sherwood.zone.
26/10/01  Nalal added the thanks sflag.
26/10/01  Nalal allowed people with the thanks sflag to talk on the
          prophet line.
29/10/01  Nalal fixed a bug with player deaths not being recorded.
29/10/01  Nalal fixed the formatting of ustat.
29/10/01  Nalal made a small change to the end of bhelliom.
01/11/01  Vampyra colourcoded some rooms in home.zone.
03/11/01  Nalal added the samurai class.
04/11/01  Vampyra and Nalal colourcoded the spells and skills command.
07/11/01  Vampyra gave hug and wback a far flag! Yes! She remembered!
08/11/01  Nalal fixed a few bugs with nitoichiryu.
13/11/01  Vampyra wrote the nostalgia and teehee actions and fixed
          vodka and cool.
14/11/01  Vampyra wrote the twirl and envy actions.
10/12/01  Vampyra sorted zodiac.zone out for good.
20/12/01  Swineherd opened up history.i for the first time in months.
20/12/01  Swineherd cried happily for a while.
20/12/01  Swineherd wrote hugmud, just for Vampyra.
20/12/01  Vampyra wrote the ace action and Swineherd fixed the typo
          in it.
20/12/01  Vampyra added a few names to the statue in sheriff.zone and
          said 'Well, that's enough for today!," and closed everything.
21/12/01  Swineherd coloured the save command and added Vampyra's newly
          coloured reboot messages.
21/12/01  Swineherd sorted out mobile names being visible entering and
          leaving dark rooms and discovered the joys of gotos.
23/12/01  Swineherd got told not to use gotos, any more.
24/12/01  Swineherd finished writing his Metamorphosis quest. WOOHOO!
29/12/01  Nalal made a small change to laston (cheers Jarl).
30/12/01  Swineherd changed Metamorphosis's official name to Meta.
30/12/01  Swineherd wrote the banned command, so powers can check who
          is banned/what hosts are banned.
02/01/02  Nalal changed exorcise so that the person being exorcised can
	  see who exorcised them.
04/01/02  Nalal fixed some bugs.
05/01/02  Nalal updated finger to bring it in line with laston and also took
	  away the message to the fingeree.
06/01/02  Nalal changed setstart so that if no room was specified, the
          players current room would be used.
07/01/02  Swineherd fixed a bug with hugcom.
08/01/02  Swineherd made a lot of miscellaneous changes to Meta.
10/01/02  Nalal and Swineherd continued their Grue battle.
10/01/02  Nalal removed actions which took input in the form of
          free-form text (i.e. sing, singto and whisper).
14/01/02  Swineherd did some work on Metalian.
15/01/02  Swineherd changed sing, singto and whisper into commands.
18/01/02  Swineherd fixed some typos, couple of small bugs and forgot
          what else to put in here.
19/01/02  Swineherd coded a couple of new quests while he was bored.
19/01/02  Nalal added the bday command (idea and collection by Porcellina).
23/01/02  Swineherd wrote the rnod action.
28/01/02  Swineherd fixed a bug with comparing weapons.
29/01/02  Nalal made deaf, dumb, cripple, blind and cure proper spells.
29/01/02  Swineherd wrote Tbone's nine action.
01/02/02  Arcassia sent Vampyra some actions and Vampyra added them.
          (Gorge, blood, ffight, kbeg, lambo, cryst, scratch.)
11/02/02  Nalal added the pop and inflate actions.
07/05/02  Nalal fixed a crashbug which Sorak found.
27/11/02  Vampyra, to her horror, noticed that nobody has been updating
          this so she decided to mention that she added a few names to a
          statue and that her plans for world domination are going

20/02/05  Further work on commando.
30/03/05  More work on a bug in gp which was driving me crazy.
          finally located and fixed.  Two of the passwords are now
          hidden as originally intended.  Two passwords still to hide.
          The tunnel trial is now working.
31/03/05  Maze generator has now been added and is working correctly.
          I'm really proud of the code, for it (well, the idea anyway).
          A real maze generator is possible, I have a good idea how
          to do it, but I don't see a need for it at the moment.
          This one copies one of three mazes into locations GP41-GP57
          dependant on a string of 16 hex digits, and chooses from
          three possible exit points in each case.  Muahahaha.
          I've ironed out the bugs (a process which took a good while)
          attached the code to the start of the zone (when they
          are teleported in).  So any imms that want to explore while
          the zone isn't live won't benefit.  All passwords are hidden.
05/03/05  Only the first %s in the title affects your title now.
06/03/05  Fixed a linebreak in the commando zone code, had a go at
          trying to fix the broken clone code.  Not sure how 'fixed'
          it is.
          wizard and mercenary in town.zone are now 0 aggression.
          Appendix B completed in gp.zone.
          Eating stuff that you hadn't paid for fixed.
          Emptying classed containers that you shouldn't be able to
           touch fixed.
01/04/05  Entry code for greeting the sergeant wasn't working properly,
          should be ok now.
03/04/05  Many typos have been fixed.  Strech -> Stretch.  Aircastle,
          Coast, Wall, Sea, Town, Felldwarf, Lerthin zones affected.
          Sea zone exits have been modified slightly, and a couple of
          rooms rewritten.  Rhymes for bard modified slightly.
          Slight bug with icecave fixed, gp.zone typos fixed, also
          fantasy.zone.  deleted a lot of the syslog as we went,
          assisted by Jonas.
04/04/05  The upload begins. gp.c -> new machine.
05/04/05  gp.zone, gp.c, lear.zone, lear.c all modified to match how
          they are on my machine... using pico. I must be mad.
          wall.zone also done.
13/04/05  actions.c, clone.c, objsys.c, combat.c, change.c, gold.c
          class.zone done, further work on gp.c.
14/04/05  move.c committed, sea.zone committed. quest include files
14/04/05  nfis.c committed, icon added to protected zones.
14/04/05  commands.c fclub.c committed.  Icon code changed slightly.
15/04/04  Bigpapa started testing.  There are some interesting problems
           with cloning.  Some problem with mana items, also the equip
           command doesn't like cloned items.
          Extra work on gp, the guards with the poison should work right
16/04/04  Bugs fixed in clone code, hopefully.
          Added a missing description to paladin quest.
          Fixed a bug in felldwarf smell related to cloning.
          Fixed a wearall bug that meant the nosepeg could be worn again
           and again and again.
          Sorted out exits to temple of fate and noticed that some of
           the new classes need books and room descs.
20/04/04  Clone checking code completely re-written.
          Bigpapa now testing lerthin.
21/04/04  More work on gp
23/04/04  Touch stone now drops all stuff from other classes.
          Meq investigated.  Bug fix attempted.
          Bug fix seems to be working.
          Have added jess's riddles to gp.zone
          Corrected a typo in lerthin
          Cosmetic changes to gp.c
          Added Qdone code for pandora and lerthin.
          Migration of class objects from treehouse.zone (where I first
           put them) to the class.zone where they belong complete.
           The history of this is that the encounter, entersay,
           leavesay, smelltext, etc were all first tested on a small
           zone, that zone being treehouse.  Class was the same.
           The classed objects that used to belong to treehouse are
           relics of the very first testing.
          Further amendments to lerthin (object examine, a couple of
           missing \n's).
02/05/04  Shifting tunnel is now working after a fashion.
          Corrected a bug with the witch spotted by bigpapa.
15/05/04  Wrote some more room descriptions for gp.
25/05/04  Icon "check aurastone" code updated to allow cloned aurastones.
20/07/04  Ooh, long absence.  Added books for undine and wisp.
23/08/04  More work on freedom.zone and a bit of tidying up with cloning,
          added dani's frostgloves; senzcy did a bit of testing on
          cloning.  More work on Gp.zone - combat test mobiles renamed and
          beefed up.  Checked icon; bigpapa checked connection of
          river.zone to sea.zone and rforest.zone
24/12/04  Downloaded cygwin (ew) and started work on getting a MUD up on
          own computer.  My head hurts.
25/12/04  Put senzcy's room descriptions into gp.zone, also did some
          typos from sea.zone she spotted.
26/12/04  Some work done on lear.zone.
28/12/04  Bigpapa did some testing on gp, several bugs fixed.
30/12/04  More work on lear.
24/01/05  Fixed typos in kleth, yoho, sheriff, rome, coast, labyrinth,
          ruins, camelot.
27/01/05  Fixed things that were bugging me about start.zone,      
          lackhand.zone, fixed some typos in water.zone.  Fixed a bug
          with the doomgem..
          Fixed a bug with setstart - you could setstart to rooms that
          you couldn't GOTO and find out the name of the room.  Didn't
          let you go there, mind.               
          Fixed some rooms in pensalon so they sucked less.         
          Fixed a typo in triton.
          Senzcy tested Lear, found several typos and bugs, which we
03/01/05  Lots of things fixed in lear.
          Moral support provided by Jess.
05/01/05  Clone code: summon added to the list of ways that you can't
           get hold of an object and its clone.
          Added a check every tick to make people who do manage to get
           a clone and its original in their inventory grumble a lot.
          Archwizard and above can clone objects as required.
          Corrected some terrible linebreaks in Blackgarden's wizroom.
08/01/05  Added Q_LEAR to framework of npgs.c etc.  However, the actual
          quest completion is not coded into lear.
          I need to get CVS set up on this machine or I'm going to go to
          hell.  I'm probably already going to hell.
09/01/05  Decided CVS was too complex for me to set up after a couple of
          filed attempts to understand it - I'm wasting valuable time.
          The quest completion bit of lear has been added..
16/01/05  Looked at syslog on main mud at all the typos, bugs, and
          ideas.  Fixed typos in bloodstone, pensalon, mithdan.  Did   
          a lot of tidying up of the mithdan zonefile, which bigpapa
          typoed afterward, these also corrected.  Did a fair chunk  
          of work on the GP zone.  Also typos in sheriff, veld.        
23/01/05  More coding for gp.zone.  Also helped jess fix her first typo.
          Copied across files from this mud to that one to prevent
          double work.  Also fixed a 'bug' where we were allowing evil
          classes to pick up crosses.
28/01/05  Fixed a bug with the hermit, typos in gold, shaman,
          investigated several bugs that turned out not to be bugs.
          Qdone Blackwolf works again.  Took about an hour for me to
          realise why it wasn't working.
02/02/05  Typo fix in valley.zone, bed had no examine.  Further work on
          gp.c and gp.zone.
09/02/05  Bigpapa started testing fight.zone, found that there was a
          problem with companions getting into the ring and crashing it.
          stopped companions entering the rings at all, also wrote
          abandoncom to allow you to abandon a companion if desired.
          Further work on gp.zone.
11/02/05  Further work on gp.c and gp.zone
12/02/05  Actions added bitch, fanfare, molest. flourish, nodnod.
13/02/05  More commando coding.
          Fixed a small bug in lackhand.
          Added Bigpapa's wizroom.
          Nvillage cutlass not pirate class any more.
14/02/05  The math riddles are working as intended within gp.zone.
15/02/05  Noticed a problem with the quest points.. Fixed it.
          Started testing the combat puzzle. Few problems with it.
          Fixed a lot of them.  About 3 hours work, fixing messages
          and mobile toughness. Updated QINFO list,
          put Commando(as gp should be named) in as a quest.
20/02/05  Further work on commando.
05/03/05  Only the first %s in the title affects your title now.
06/03/05  Fixed a linebreak in the commando zone code, had a go at
          trying to fix the broken clone code.  Not sure how 'fixed'
          it is.
          wizard and mercenary in town.zone are now 0 aggression.
          Appendix B completed in gp.zone.
          Eating stuff that you hadn't paid for fixed.
          Emptying classed containers that you shouldn't be able to
           touch fixed.
30/03/05  More work on a bug in gp which was driving me crazy.
          finally located and fixed.  Two of the passwords are now
          hidden as originally intended.  Two passwords still to hide.
          The tunnel trial is now working. 
31/03/05  Maze generator has now been added and is working correctly.
          I'm really proud of the code, for it (well, the idea anyway).
          A real maze generator is possible, I have a good idea how
          to do it, but I don't see a need for it at the moment.
          This one copies one of three mazes into locations GP41-GP57
          dependant on a string of 16 hex digits, and chooses from
          three possible exit points in each case.  Muahahaha.
          I've ironed out the bugs (a process which took a good while)
          attached the code to the start of the zone (when they
          are teleported in).  So any imms that want to explore while
          the zone isn't live won't benefit.  All passwords are hidden.
01/04/05  Entry code for greeting the sergeant wasn't working properly,
          should be ok now.
03/04/05  Many typos have been fixed.  Strech -> Stretch.  Aircastle,
          Coast, Wall, Sea, Town, Felldwarf, Lerthin zones affected.
          Sea zone exits have been modified slightly, and a couple of
          rooms rewritten.  Rhymes for bard modified slightly.
          Slight bug with icecave fixed, gp.zone typos fixed, also
          fantasy.zone.  deleted a lot of the syslog as we went.
04/04/05  The upload begins. gp.c -> new machine.
13/04/05  actions.c, clone.c, objsys.c, combat.c, change.c, gold.c
          class.zone done, further work on gp.c.
14/04/05  move.c committed, sea.zone committed. quest include files
14/04/05  nfis.c committed, icon added to protected zones.
14/04/05  commands.c fclub.c committed.  Icon code changed slightly.
26/04/05  few files left to check, 9 files left to transfer
27/04/05  all include files checked, Bigpapa added to powers.html
05/04/05  gp.zone, gp.c, lear.zone, lear.c all modified to match how
          they are on my machine... using pico. I must be mad.
          wall.zone also done.
22/09/06  Migration to the new server has been achieved.
          The testport is now working on the new machine, and a
          good deal faster, too.  We are in the process of
          retesting the additions
14/11/06  Jaakan fixed eq and meq so that new quest objects couldn't be
           seen, also certain special objects would not show on meq.
          Jaakan gave meq <zone> access to wizards.
          Jaakan worried about giving meq <zone> access to wizards.
          Jaakan fixed a bug with Commando Zone's reset with Dale's
           guidance.  Thanks Dale!
          Pinkuredi notices that saved aurastones aren't working -
           fixed, thank you.
          Porcellina continues work on her new zone, Jaakan writes some
           specials for it.
          Jaakan changed the way venomstrike worked for very strong
          Jaakan fixed a bug with the exit from GP.
15/11/06  Jaakan had a fight with the previous recent.i file, which
           didn't want to be archived graciously.
          Jaakan fixed some typos in the class.zone.
16/11/06  Jaakan went mad on typos and cleared a lot of the most recent ones.
           Reported mostly by Dale.  Zones affected: ancient, camelot, class,
           eosia, gp, lerthin, pandora.
          Jaakan still fighting with info recent (and losing).
          Jaakan implemented an improved random number routine, and rewrote
           some of the tornado spell to make sure that it's properly random.
           13 files had to have all mention of my_rand and randperc removed.
           Deep joy.
          Jaakan realises why he's losing the fight with info recent, and
           wins at last.
21/11/06  Jaakan fixes the find command, which he'd been avoiding.
          Also stops locker keys being put into containers or given to
           anyone other than Mrs Clerk.
          Tinkered with wisp code and regen code to allow wisps to
           regenerate SLOWLY during a fight.
01/12/05  Jaakan gets a brilliant idea then regrets it.
           Why not move all the EFLAGs about?  BECAUSE PLAYERS HAVE 
           EFLAGS TOO YOU BIG SPOONFACE. Hurriedly rewrites convert.c to
           deal with the mess that he created.
05/12/06  Jaakan regrets mentioning the forget command, but finally
           finishes it.  Lots of fun!  Also highlighted a few other
           areas that need attention.
          Jaakan got Porcellina's and Dani's testport up and running, so
           they can avoid work on a whole new level.
          Jaakan moved the HUGMUD command to prophet level.
          Jaakan fixed it so that some mobiles are labelled good and
           some evil - HOLY classes get a bonus when attacking evil
           opponents, UNHOLY get a bonus against good ones.
          Jaakan fixed the weenie action at Claire's request.
          Jaakan starts work on another quest of his own, and
           adds a few oflags in readiness.
          Swineherd starts and continues work on the BAFH quest.
14/12/06  Jaakan fixes some things about the forget command.
          Jaakan breaks the spell system while trying to fix it.
          Senzcy does some testing of a pet project.
          Porcellina continues her odyssey into MUD editing ... learned 
           a lot of stuff that Jaakan should've told her the first time
           and had a discussion about the Archangel Gabriel.
          Porcellina fixes a lot more typos, and points out that there 
           is a NOWEATHER command.  
          Jaakan fixes a bug with wisps being able to wear armour.
          Jaakan fixes a bug with some of the class quests.
          Jaakan adds a link into rforest from veld.
19/12/06  Jaakan fixes some more things about the forget command.
          Jaakan continues working on the spell system.
          Jaakan fixes some bugs with alias that were crashing the mud.
          Jaakan changes the geography of Freedom slightly, updates
            MAP Freedom, and adds MAP class.
          Jaakan adds Gligril's repair shop to Freedom.
20/12/06  Jaakan fixes a default review bug, notes that he broke say,
           and fixes it.  Fixes a bug with stat for a particular mobile. 
          Senzcy does some testing with the spell system.
21/12/06  Further bug fixes.  Default setin was NULL.  Fixed.
          Remote actions now working again.  Some more typos fixed.
26/12/06  Fixes to trace.  Some typos fixed.  Some bugs in a class quest
           fixed (thanks Blackgarden).  More work done on two of the
           three code heavy projects.  Some more seasonal stuff done.
29/12/06  Fix to the repair shop - wasn't fixing cloned items.
          More fixes to alias.  Change to the way that inv displays 
           cloned items - itemnumbers now shows the parent itemnumbers,
           except that the bracket is green instead of the usual blue.
          Whisper and Sing fixed.  A bug in moria that Jess discovered
           fixed.  Samurai changed slightly so actions and targetted
           action work same way.
          More work on pet projects.  Dani looks at the level structure
           and thinks of some more mortal levels.
          Porcellina works on her zone, managing to create lots of 
           lovely compile errors, yay.
07/01/07  2am, finished commiting files.  Festive changes reversed.
          More work done on new zones by Porcellina & Jaakan.
          Dani looked at the levels structure and thought about new
           mortal levels.  Watch this space.
          Introduced new classes for take and drop, see help object.
          Also persuaded objsys.c to try understanding the words 
           except and but as relates to take, take from, and drop.
          The penalty for dying has been changed, see info DEATH.
          Item numbers on MEQ fixed.
          Porcellina fixed another email's worth of typos.
          Pinkuredi did some work on the Icestorm spell.
          Jaakan introduced Icestorm to the MEQ command, a stormy
           meeting that neither side liked very much, but all working
          Jaakan felt sorry for Fakir so changed a few things.
          Jaakan amended the tutorial zone a bit, as it still mentioned
           200,000 points and also didn't say anything about storage.
          Jaakan put felldwarf back the way it was, but left the
           bridge repaired on purpose.
          Jaakan added a healing shrine to Rome and changed the reset
           code so that the slime doesn't reset on you half way up
           the mountain of the Gods.
          Jaakan fixed some typos.
          Jaakan updated the info index, and revised info CONTACT.
          BUG & IDEA update:
           Jan  1 16:48:38: Paul - top fastest should only include players
            that ran to wiz not that got made wiz by powers.
           Response: Not aware of any, let me know and it can be sorted.
           Jan  1 23:17:39: BUG: Porcellina - Mstat's broken.  Everyone's 
            shown as standing, even when they're fighting.
           Response: Fixed
           Jan  5 12:11:06: BUG: BlackGarden - Isn't the dragon is supposed
            to be guarding this stuff? He just walked off!
           Response: Fixed
           Jan  3 05:52:49: BUG: Dale - meq does not show itemnumbers like
            it's supposed to.  It's currently showing the number of the 
            iterator used in the for loop, instead.
           Response: Fixed. Clever Dale.
           Dec  6 14:05:47: IDEA: Porcellina - The food in rome should be 
            smaller.  One orange per sack?
           Response: Fixed.
           Nov 28 18:35:09: TYPO: Dale (prophet9): ctime - the season has a
            capital letter. This is wrong.
           Response: Promptly fixed.