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The Class and Race Selection System
7DOF's system differs from many others in that you are not tied to a chosen
class or race permanently.  You may change class at any time at the Temple of
Fate in the City of Freedom, and race at the Anthropic Lodge which is located
nearby.  All players start as a Human Adventurer.  Different class/race
combinations will open up as you increase level.  By the use of the CRM
command you will note which ones are open to you (listed by level required),
those that you have not reached the required level to use (the ???s), and those
combinations that are incompatible, eg. Cavetroll/Mage (listed as &=WR---).

Each class and race has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Warriors are strong
in physical combat but their grasp of magic is poor.  Shamen are proficient in
magic but not in combat.  Extra skills are available to certain combinations,
for example dual wielding, stealing objects, and scampering.  The success at
casting spells, the rate in which you can cast them, and use of varieties of
weapons will also change.  Some classes excel with a particular type, eg.
Pixies are proficient with daggers.

Your strength and magic level are also directly related to your choice of class
and race.  They will also affect your personal attributes over time.  You might
be a fantastic fighter as a Cavetroll Warrior, but you're not going to win any
IQ awards, and over time your personal intelligence level will fall.  The other
attributes are similarly affected.

Some choices require some extra effort to access: Angel, Cavetroll, and Darkelf
races, and Paladin and Pirate classes.  You'll need to find keys to access
those particular selections.

Many of the classes and races have a full set of armour and clothing available
in the City of Freedom - see MAP CLASS for the location of the different sets.
The acquisition of a full set is often viewed as a quest (named after the
class or race chosen, eg. Warrior, Pixie).

There are also achievements related to running quests as a race or class that
will grant additional perks.