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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a game for two or more players.  If you wish to play, 
find the foyer of the chat rooms, as a mortal.  This is three rooms 
south of the Temple of Freedom.  Ring the brass bell.  You will be 
transported to a holding area to allow others to join the game.
Usually this registration period lasts for about thirty seconds.

After this, the roles of hider and seeker are randomly assigned, and a
random zone is chosen.  The hiders are put in a safe room, and given twenty
seconds headstart.  The seekers are released.  The game continues for 
another four minutes forty  seconds, with the seeker frantically looking 
around for the hiders.  The seeker is helped by a trail of footprints 
that the hiders leave behind.

The game ends as a victory for the hiders if one or more of them remains 
unfound after 5 minutes of gameplay.  The seekers are judged victorious 
if they find all of the hiders.

1000 points are awarded to the winners, and 500 gold pieces.

The boards TOP HIDERS and TOP SEEKERS show our best players to date.