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 15/03/20 Mar 9 19:22:33 2020: BUG: FancyPants: journal in prancing pony
          should NOT be able to be portapitted or moneybagged.
          Mar 4 20:44:04 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (scorched46): sl in a fight ->
          slot command, not sleep.
          Feb 19 21:20:20 2020: IDEA: Lynda (hick29): cow here doesn't seem
          butcherable. probably should be
          Feb 19 21:20:53 2020: IDEA: Lynda (hick32): pig needs butchering too
          Done, pigs, cow, bull and horse all able to be carved up.
          Jan 12 10:58:34 2019: IDEA: Martyn (powers2): allow cavetroll pirate
          Jan 12 11:12:13 2019: IDEA: Martyn (powers2): disallow demon commando
          Mar 5 11:23:54 2020: IDEA: Maindip (troy83): Special death on Achilles
          that says you catch him the heal or something of that ilk
          Jan 26 17:19:15 2020: IDEA: Jaakan (race5): add a hint to angel to
          suggest the function of the holy sea and what to do
          Jan 17 17:28:06 2020: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): has nod not got an F
          flag? *surprised*
          Jan 30 16:31:13 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (scorched46): nerf the
          bluewings, their manamult is ridiculous
          Nov 8 21:51:22 2019: IDEA: Jaakan (wizard103): use a bomb in the
          bhelliom quest
          Done, you can still do the other thing too.
          Feb 27 19:49:28 2020: IDEA: FancyPants (talon42): painting object
          Done.  Ascii art.
 14/03/20 A lot of work has been done on the upcoming robbery, lyric, and
          ordeal quests.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but things ARE still
          happening.  Today I set them aside to tackle some bugs.  Fixed a
          problem with zonefile goodbye texts, and (because Lynda said so)
          changed the skindubh to sgiandubh.  Picking locks is now disallowed
          to cavetrolls and while fighting.  Fixed the misc objects that appear
          (like the icecloak) from appearing in the firedemon, sage, and undead
          zones.  Put a shovel in the monk rooms, upgraded two rooms in the
          gold coast, and fixed the title problem on live that I thought I'd
          fixed yesterday.
 24/02/20 The lyric quest, the robbery quest, and the veld upgrade all got
          some love today, and a two bugs in felldwarf have been fixed.
 16/02/20 Jaakan has been working on: the lyric quest, the veld upgrade, the
          bank robbery event/quest.  He got annoyed with himself for forgetting
          some of the ideas he had for puzzles.
 07/02/20 Further work done on archery over the past few days, you can now
          FILL QUIVER ICE or other types of ammo, if they're available.  In
          other news, Jaakan has fixed a couple of crashbugs and typos.
 30/01/20 Finished indenting parse.c, making a few small changes here and
          there.  FancyPants then noticed several things about picklock that he
          didn't like, so they got fixed, updated to live and rebooted in.
          This is a gross simplification as Jaakan ended up virtually rewriting
          it and fixing several zonefiles.  Fun.
 29/01/20 Work on archery carries on... DROP ARROWS/DROP BOLTS/DROP ALL ARROWS
          working okay.  GET also working.  Archery_give needs a rewrite.  For
          no good reason Jaakan started properly indenting parse.c and changed
          some of the function names to fit in with the standard 7DOF way of
          naming things.  Obsessive compulsive? Possibly.
 27/01/20 Hurrah, archery_reload is working the way it should be.  Drop is not,
          and DROP BOLTS dropped -1 bolt, thus creating an arrow in the rack.
          It's coming on, slowly.
 25/01/20 Archery once again being worked on, rewrote some of the arrow
          handling code, and also fiddled with reload which is playing up.
          Morkarn was very helpful in testing the code.
 22/01/20 Archery took top billing on Jaakan's time today, some progress was
          made, but there are still further things to be done before release.
 20/01/20 A lot more stuff done to archery today.  There was a crash earlier,
          but the syslog and the core files were highly unhelpful.  Jaakan
          particularly hates that.  The sword of Damocles is hanging over his
 18/01/20 Jaakan did more work on the Lyric quest.  He finished uploading
          zonefiles modified slightly to stop things linking to objects in
          other zones (fixes something else that would otherwise break).
 17/01/20 Jaakan worked some more on the lyric quest, and completed yet another
          trawl through the objects on the MUD eliminating objects which
          straddle two zonefiles.  It was an important thing, honest!
 15/01/20 A weird bug noticed while FancyPants was running was not cured by a
          complete shutdown and restart.  Jaakan eventually chased it down to a
          problem with the new getflip/getobj code, specifically Jaakan didn't
          take them into consideration when storing stuff at the traveller's
          rest.  This meant that there was a junk value in there and the MUD
          didn't like it.  Fixed now.  The second thing Jaakan has done today
          has been annoying him for a while; no consistent colouring of locked,
          closed, and open for doors and containers.   So he decided to tackle
          it, taking up most of the day.  All finished and updated to live now.
 14/01/20 Jaakan ran kian in the mistaken belief that he hadn't got it as
          FancyPants, and noticed a lot of bad linebreaks.  He fixed them and
          tidied up the kian.c file considerably.  Also fixed, an undead
          elephant with two descriptions (veld.c), and some more linebreaks in
          Jan 4 22:10:26 2020: BUG: Morkarn (nibelung53): 'move it' here gave
          'Grunting with effort, you push the stone bench aside and find a
          passage down.' 'it' here should be the grate.
          Checked, PN appears to be working correctly now.  On a side note,
          Jaakan didn't like the messages you got when you do PUSH GRATE so he
          fixed them.
          Nov 22 12:22:05 2019: BUG: Jaakan (powers2): Maindip tells you 'Got a
          frustrating problem with my friend Piggy Eyes, if I give him food I
          have bought from the shops in town (curry, cheese etc) I get told
          eyes can only have one of those, I haven't given him any of them yet'
          Fixed.  A problem with the backdraft greed checking was the cause.
          Jul 28 18:52:04 2019: BUG: Jaakan (powers2): putting keychain5 (last
          one) into hole leaves it in the player's inventory.
          Fixed.  This initiated an overhaul of some portions of the commando
          quest's code.  Someone will need to run commando again to confirm
          everything is working properly.
 13/01/20 Jan 3 22:25:58 2020: BUG: Morkarn (undead58): got Tiger is no longer
          paralysed message after both tigers here already dead
          Fixed, gone through the mobile death code and made sure that status
          effects are negated at death, including paralysis
          Jan 5 13:32:46 2020: BUG: Reaper (undead42): aid doesn't seem to be
          rewarding health if cast from meq items
          Fixed, also added diagnostic support.
          Jan 6 23:17:44 2020: BUG: Morkarn (freedom18): 'streak' not listed in
          'top', nor in toplist
          Jan 10 08:27:23 2020: BUG: Reaper (freedom18): top streak only counts
          current, not longest
          Jan 5 14:59:20 2020: BUG: FancyPants (freedom19): resurrected
          companions aren't going in orchold29 or orchold33
          Fixed.  It appeared that companions (as the code stood) would not
          allow ANY companions to step through an open door.  Surprised this
          hasn't been discovered before.
 12/01/20 Jaakan finally finished going back through code relating to get
          (class) to fix Maindip's crashbug.  He found a couple of other
          instances that would potentially have caused a crash too, so it
          wasn't a fruitless occupation.  He uploaded some bugfixes to live
          and rebooted, and did further work done on archery. Some new
          companion code, appears to be functioning as intended.  Jaakan
          opened the lerthin.zone and got annoyed by the bad linebreaks and
          several typos and the untidy format of the zonefile.  All fixed.
          He did a complete backup of live and test MUDs.
 11/01/20 Today's work has been an object lesson in not fighting the system.
          Why isn't there a OBJMIN_(zone) and OBJMAX_(zone) like there is
          MOBMIN_ and MOBMAX_ and LOCMIN_ and LOCMAX_ ? I spent a while
          pondering and came up with a scheme to place one in the file when the
          name of the zone of the object changed.  Clever, I thought.  Not so
          clever, as it appears that linked objects leap into the file next to
          the objects they're linked to, irrespective of what zone they're in.
          A complete waste of an afternoon's work as I had to give the idea up.
          I guess I did learn something though - it's unwise to assume that all
          of the objects from a zone follow on from each other in itemnumber
          order.  Oh well.  This was all triggered off by Maindip's crashbug,
          which I'm still attempting to fix.
 10/01/20 Maindip found a crashbug.  A failed attempt to fix the problem
          (just replaced it with an equally undesirable result) and he returned
          the code to what it was when it crashed.  A detour to fix the issues
          was taken, and Jaakan added another couple of fields for zonewriters
          to worry about, getobj, getflip, and getstate.
 09/01/20 Jaakan (as promised to several people) reviewed the archery code
          and got back to work on it.  In the process I also began the combat
          balancing review, and fixed a couple of typos.  Uploaded the fixed
          shop stuff, and the locker files.
 08/01/20 Some maintenance required on the shop system, all seems to be
          okay.  Work on new bank robbery quest.
 07/01/20 Aardvark noted an annoyingly persistent bug with generosity
          achievement, which took several attempts to fix but was actually
          quite a simple one.  Jaakan also upped the limit on "change generous
          (plr)" to 100,000,000... it makes no sense for the change limit to
          be below the level 3 achievement boundary.  Finally got around to
          fixing INFO RECENT to read top 30 lines instead of the bottom 30.
          Who knew that the opposite command to TAIL was HEAD?
          Jan 7 13:34:14 2020: IDEA: Maindip (warm1): Make the entrance to
          warm quest nomobile to stop this annoying penguin coming in.
          Response: Done.  Are we the first MUD to have anti-penguin
 06/01/20 Jaakan carried on checking NoCompanion stuff and updated the
          live mud (completing the process):
          Zones updated to live: aircastle, belg, catacomb, cathedral,
          cave, class, cloak, desert, eosia, fight, firedemon, fjord,
          freedom, gold, hideseek, intro, kleth, labyrinth, lackhand,
          lithuane, locker, maisie, moria, nibelung, oaktree, pandora,
          pensalon, race, sock, shop, talon, thepit, thepitii, treehouse,
          undead, water.
          Zones modified: cathedral, cave, eosia, oaktree, pandora,
          pensalon, talon, undead.
          Zones checked but left alone: abyss, adept, ancient, bull,
          camelot, felldwarf, heaven, ildharas, lerthin, minotaur, pirate,
          rats, river, ruins, sea, triton, zodiac.
 05/01/20 Jaakan decided to tackle PSTATUS which was severely buggy, and
          Fixed several of them.  Reaper asked for the ability to direct
          companion mobiles to move in a direction.  Jaakan thought about it
          and decided it is worth doing, but it does mean that he needed to
          go through the NOMOBILES locations and flag appropriate ones with a
          new NOCOMPANIONS flag.
          Zones modified: aircastle, belg, catacomb, cave, class, cloak,
          desert, fight, firedemon, fjord, freedom, gold, hideseek, intro,
          sock, shop, kleth, labyrinth, lackhand, lithuane, locker, maisie,
          moria, nibelung, race, thepit, thepitii, treehouse, water.
          Zones checked but left alone: ali, blizzard, bloodstone, castle,
          cemetery, cloak, coast, doom, eforest, evil, fantasy, forest, froboz,
          gp, haven, hercules, island, logic, hick, kian, kobold, maize,
          mithdan, mountain, nexus, nvillage, oz, powers, quarry, raider,
          rforest, rome, sage, scooby, scorched, sewer, shaman, sherriff,
          sherwood, smount, start, town, troy,  valley, veld, viking, village,
          wall, wizard, yoho.
          This stuff is not live yet, more checking is needed tomorrow.
 04/01/20 Jaakan decided to fix generous achievement, now working as intended,
          but it was a pain to fix as one piece of code lead to another, and
          another, all of which needed a fix.  That now appears to be working,
          which probably means it'll crash.  The bright idea Jaakan  had for
          the rewards is working too.  A series of weird behaviours in two of
          the quests appears to have stopped after a total recompile, however
          Jaakan is not convinced that the problem is cured.
 03/01/20 Jun 13 12:25:39 2019: IDEA: Reaper (class23): *facepalm* some way to
          get assassin posters back off crusher - I suspect Reaper used GIVE
          HIM POSTER and regretted it.  Both Crusher and Masher now ignore you
          if you try to give them objects.  Jun 28 12:49:16 2019: TYPO: Reaper
          (shop14) having symbols on messes up far flung polly, Jun 28 07:33:54
          2019: TYPO: Reaper (shop23): having symbols on really messes with the
          waxoyl notice, Jun 28 20:55:11 2019: TYPO: Reaper (fight1): having
          symbols on messes up the lobby of the arena.  All fixed.
          Dec 30 15:37:38 2019: BUG: Xtal (abyss67): the rice and oats in abyss
          are maybe not marked as food. put food backpack didn't work. Tested
          this, PUT FOOD CONTAINER only works if you are *carrying* something
          flagged food.  It won't work on food that's on the ground.  This also
          holds true for other object types.
          Fixed a bug in AUTOLOOT, and a missing linebreak in DSTATUS.
          Fixed some potential crashbugs in nibelung code.
 02/01/20 A simple idea Jul 7 17:08:08 2019: IDEA: You (valley23): a devour
          all command, that would be nice :) and Jaakan decided it needed to be
          engineered the crap out of.  It now sings, dances, plays the banjo,
          and cleans up afterwards.  Jaakan fixed several issues with the code
          relating to the devour achievements, and some problems with the old
          devour code, and tested it in various scenarios to make sure it was
          working properly, which probably means it has a lurking crashbug.
 01/01/20 Jaakan fixed his first bug of the new decade:  some mobiles were
          getting invisible weapons.  He had the devil's own time tracking it
          down, but eventually realised that there were two missing zeroes at
          the end of two arrays in combatdata.h.  Hurrah! Necron no longer has
          a beak or wields an invisible axe.
 30/05/16 Jaakan spent a while making the QRECORDS agree with the PROGRESS
          command, neither side wanted to give ground but eventually they
          played nice.  He added a new TOP board, TOP QUESTS.  Athagos
          worked on the HELPFILES command.
 29/05/16 Jaakan added MUTE and UNMUTE commands for the powers, Athagos
          made a new location flag, NOTELEPORT, then had a major headache
          going through all instances of teleportation to make sure they
 18/05/16 Jaakan committed a lot of files to the MUD; Hercules can now
          be attempted over several sessions; a conversion of the player
          database was necessary and some severe head-scratching by Athagos
          and Jaakan eventually fixed a nagging problem.  Jaakan added a
          new page to the website so people can see our QINFO files, and
          Athagos tidied it up.
 17/05/16 Jaakan fixed a long-standing bug with combat where certain animals
          were growing wings and tentacles, turns out that there were two
          zeroes missing from a data file.  He suspects that the file has
          been like it for years, and (fortunately) he was the only one that
          noticed.  He paged the nocolour version of QDONE, and also fixed
          a problem with fight club that he knew about for a good while, in
          the process examining the code he wrote for it in 2007 and was
          horrified. Rewrite in progress!
 15/05/16  Jaakan added GETALL as a synonym of GET ALL because lynda didn't
          want to type the extra space.  He added several new texts to
          kobold and blizzard mobiles and made sure some camelot related
          achievements worked as advertised.
 13/05/16  Jaakan fixed a problem with the Backdraft quest not recording
          attempts properly, and fixed a long-standing bug with the local
          time code, which made him crash his testmud repeatedly, but is
          fixed now.
 12/05/16  Jaakan started work on Hercules (making it possible to do the
          quest over several sessions).  This meant another player database
          conversion, which caused him some anxiety as it didn't appear to
          work.  Fortunately a recompile fixed things.  He deferred further
          testing of it until tomorrow.  He also did some more work on Inferno.
 11/05/16  Jaakan opened and did some work on the Inferno quest, modified
          the INVENTORY command extensively and debugged it so it works like
          the HELP entry says it does (it was lying).  He added a field to
          the mobile description to create an optional response to greeting
          a mobile, and added a couple of extra objects and flags to certain
 21/04/16  Jaakan put a grate object in the sewers, made banks no drop
          areas, disabled where and find for mobiles that have a bounty on
          them, fixed it so that the mobiles in Intro can't be looted,
          updated INFO MANA, updated the CREDITS, wrote a bard song for
          Raider and Backdraft, made a minor change to the Mage quest, added
          an alternative way to Viking gods mountain, added greetings for
          shopkeepers in Backdraft, added a Hooray action, added SEARCHHOST
          for powers, made an autoreplenish for 7DOF, made BUTCHER ALL work
          and added food to all the mobiles in Maize, made it so powers get
          to see BUGs, IDEAs, and TYPOs submitted even if they are mortal,
          disabled the WHERE spell when you're fighting, fixed a bug with
          the PROGRESS command, fixed a problem with SETQOUT, fixed a bug in
          TAKE ALL FROM CONTAINER, fixed a minor geography problem in
          Claymonster, made the buckets and maps disappear from Backdraft
          when there's no fire, made AUTOEQ pick up all containers.
 25/04/15 Jaakan fixed a crashbug (again).  He did a lot of work on the
          achievements command and pronounced it ready for general duty.
          He fixed (with EojRepus's help) a couple of things in viking.
          He updated the PROGRESS command too.   See HELP PROGRESS and HELP
 24/04/15 Jaakan added the structure for more new achievements.  He got
          very worried when he couldn't get the convert program to play
          nicely and give him a usable player database.  Fortunately this
          meant that he examined his code a bit more closely than usual and
          found some issues before they became a problem.
 22/04/15 Jaakan updated the HELP file a little, and wrote some more
 21/04/15 Jaakan closed a potential exploit from an achievement, and
          spent considerable time alphabetising stuff that didn't need it.
 20/04/15 Jaakan ran about with FancyPants and found a number of issues
          and fixed them.  He realised that he'd completely missed one
          section of code out so hurriedly wrote it before anyone noticed.
          He fixed a few things with the stat command and wrote more Inferno.
 19/04/15 Jaakan fixed TOP LONGESTMORTAL as much as he could.
 17/04/15 Jaakan fixed an achievement bug and tried to make sense of
          some of the more erratic pieces of information in the player
 16/04/15 Jaakan got a bit cross when he realised that there was a long
          standing bug in a player maintenance command and he had to fix it
          before doing other stuff.  He changed HISTORY and SESSION slightly
          and carried on writing Inferno.
 15/04/15 Jaakan fixed a text formatting issue in the score command.
          He rectified a problem with the highest session score being reset
          each session, wiping a player's achievement out.  He added a "x out
          of y achievements" message to the achievements command.  He fixed a
          bug with the accountant, edited freedom and changed a couple
          of locations and reformatted them.  He realised that he put in an
          unfinished shop, so he hastily fixed it up and made the new version
          live.  He fixed another few bugs in the achievement code, and added
          a missing piece of code to orchold.  He then wrote some more stuff
          for Inferno.
 14/04/15 Jaakan did further work on Inferno, coded a puzzle and added
          some objects.  He fixed a bug in the achievements system where
          the totals on TOP ACHIEVEMENTS didn't match ACHIEVEMENTS.  A - sign
          had crept in where an = sign should have been.  He added an INFO
          file for achievements and updated the index.  He also fixed a bug
          with the highest points per session being zeroed on login, and
          fixed a format issue with the score command.
 13/04/15 Jaakan fixed a stupid crashbug that he introduced in the first
          place, and wrote a lot more zonefile for Inferno.  He is glad to
          report that Dante isn't going to sue him for lifting stuff straight
          out of his work.  Four hours work.
 12/04/15 Jaakan wrote more things for Inferno, and started writing the
          code for it.  He couldn't undertand why it wasn't working until
          he realised even the most fantastic code won't work if you don't
          call it.
 11/04/15 Jaakan updated the credits file, reviewed Inferno and started
          writing an info file for it, did some more research by reading up
          on Longfellow's translation of Dante's Inferno.  He added an extra
          room and a mobile.  He fixed a bug in achievement code.
 10/04/15 Jaakan fixed a bug in the mini-quest records that show on the
          end of the QINFO files, and uploaded to live MUD.
 09/04/15 Jaakan uploaded some bug fixes and new features to the live MUD.
 08/04/15 Jaakan made some further changes to Backdraft for immortals.
          Immortal can now BQUENCH a room number, and their BMAP has room
          numbers on it. He made a lot of aliases for the backdraft commands,
          BF, BM, BS, and BQ.
 07/04/15 Jaakan made some changes to Backdraft at Deathcrystal's request.
          He added an anti-cheat measure, too.  He fixed some formatting
          issues with the PROGRESS command, and fixed another gold long int
          problem.  He made TOP WEALTH work, and rectified a discrepancy
          between VALUE (object) and VALUE ALL. 
 06/04/15 Jaakan spent about 6 hours today committing, updating and fixing,
          and finally bit the bullet and rebooted the stuff into the live
          MUD.  He put a notice on facebook, and updated mortal news. 
 05/04/15 Jaakan decided to fix the "gold flipping over into negative"
          problem properly, and tested the fix to destruction.  He had a bit
          of a scare when the player database seemed to be corrupted, but a
          recompile of convert.c and a fresh conversion fixed it, phew.
 31/03/15 Jaakan spent about 5 hours today committing files and checking
          what he's actually putting into the MUD, making that sure the log
          comments make some kind of sense.  In the process he got a bit
          sidetracked by poor zonefile formatting and spent an hour indenting
          a zonefile, which was ultimately a bit pointless because the only
          other people to see it would be developers who are also writing
          zonefiles.  In summary, him.  So he could have left it alone.
          So, the summary of stuff going into the reboot is:
          -EojRepus' expansion to Orchold
          -Temporary Title changes
          -Upgraded BUTCHER command
          -Typo fixes
          -Bug fixes
          -Teleport to Goldcoast and back
          -FINDLOCATION for powers
          -Upgrade to spellcasting messages
          -Updated help files
          -FIGHTSTATS command
          -SHARPEN command
 30/03/15 Jaakan spent three hours on Backdraft last night doing some
          damage limitation.  To explain, he was trying to work out ways he
          could crash it, and fixing the oversights.  He tried (reasonably
          successfully) to get it to play nicely with the rest of the MUD.
 10/03/15 Jaakan notes that it's a long time since he updated the 7DOF Diary
          but is glad to report that achievements are pretty much done.
          however he has created a lot more work for himself on Backdraft when
          he realised that the room descriptions in Backdraft would need to
          change as rooms are burning or burned.  In essence, 64 more rooms
          to write.  Aaargh.
 08/03/15 Kamura did some playtesting today, which forced Jaakan to actually
          do some more work on Backdraft.  A rewrite means that it's now
          possible to carry two buckets of water and quench from either.
          Jaakan did a few other bits and pieces to it.
 30/01/15 Jaakan spent two hours working on Backdraft, mostly on working
          out when Backdraft should start and end.
 29/01/15 Jaakan is getting better.  He has almost finished the achievement
          code.  He added two more TOP boards, longestmortal and armour, and
          fixed some bugs and typos.
 26/01/15 Jaakan is still ill.  He caught a crashbug in the flags code,
          and reached 257 achievements.  He added some missing code to
          deal with the player database, and added TOP ACHIEVEMENTS, which
          didn't work initially but after a few tweaks seems to be okay.
 24/01/15 Jaakan is sick.  He has made some progress on achievements,
          and is now up to 250, with about 15 to go.  He added more things
          to Backdraft, as one of the shops was empty.  EojRepus has been
          a great help with suggestions for achievement rewards.
 12/01/15 Jaakan is getting thoroughly sick of putting "more work on
          achievements" in the history file, but has completed about 180
          so far.  He is still looking for the light at the end of the
          tunnel.  He fixed an annoying bug that was telling him he had
          97,000 achievements
 07/01/15 More work on achievements.  A large amount of checking code
          already written and adding what was missed.
 06/01/15 Jaakan carried on with achievements, and converted his code
          so that it can use the file pager.  He coded some more bonuses
          and got so hot he had to take off his dressing gown.  Steady.
 05/01/15 Jaakan finished writing all the rooms for Backdraft, woo.
          He wrote some more code for achievements and got thoroughly
          confused what info I’d put on what command so had an exciting
          time checking and re-checking code he'd already written.
 04/01/15 After Jaakan had a day off from zonewriting and coding, he got
          back to it and wrote another Backdraft room, then carried on with
          achievements.  He wrote some code to total up how many achievements
          a player has, which will enable a “top achievements” board at
          some point.  Thinking about adding classed critical hits
          dependent on number of quests (including repeats) completed as
          that class.
 02/01/15 Wrote another room for Backdraft.  Much later, after a visit
          to the gym and cooking tea, in a cider fuelled orgy of coding
          added two more achievements.
 01/01/15 Jaakan totally rewrote the code for the vampire touch spell
          because he thought it was a pile of poo.  He realised that neither
          backstab or vampire touch can actually kill so it made no sense
          to have fields in the PERSONA for them.  He wrote more code for
          the progress command and another room for Backdraft.
 31/12/14 Jaakan added more stuff to achievements,  Jaakan got a bit
          disheartened when he realised how much work he has to do with them
          so he switched back to Backdraft and wrote some more stuff for
          that, writing a few more rooms, and stocked some of the shops with
 30/12/14 Jaakan tore down a lot of stuff that he wrote previously in an
          effort to make things easier to change later.  He put a lot of
          #defines in, and made a little progress.
 28/12/14 Jaakan tried unsuccessfully to fix an annoying bug with
          achievements by peppering the testMUD with sendf(DEST_ALL,"Debug");
          messages, yet got no closer to the actual cause of the problem.
          In the end, he thought, blow this for a game of soldiers and went
          to play on his PS3 for a while.  When he came back he took all
          the debug messages out, figuring that he'd start fresh another
          day.  So he did more work on viking, which is nearly ready to
          roll.  He also did some more zonewriting for Backdraft, probably
          about another 8 or 9 locations, and added a few noget objects,
          and some more shop items.
 01/03/14 Jaakan wrote a new spell, continued to work on the loot
          command, ideally we would be looking at 100 distinct objects
          and so far have about 80, some with attached code.
 22/02/14 Athagos did many and various bug fixes, all now live, and
          carried on working on his secret project.  Jaakan implemented
          a few new ideas, extended the blizzard a little, and
          started work on a loot command for mortals.  Kamura wrote some
          objects and got scared about committing them to CVS.
 20/02/14 Jaakan continuted writing viking, added a new RETIRED
          verb to show all the ex-powers, and modified the POWERS list.
          He added the ANOD, BNOD, and MWAHA actions.
 16/02/14 Athagos carried on work on a secret projects.  Jaakan was
          pleased to be able to crash Athagos work, proving that he is not
          immune to crashbugs :) Jaakan fixed a few outstanding bugs, and
          carried on writing his new viking.  Kamura got brave and
          fixed some outstanding typos on her own.  Jaakan wrote an
          UNWIELD command.
 13/02/14 Jaakan fixed a few more bugs, with Kamura's help.  Athagos
          declared Adept and Nexus ready for action so Jaakan moved them
          onto the main MUD, with all their associated files.  Jaakan got
          annoyed when he tried to understand some code he'd written so
          completely gutted it and started again from the ground up.  He
          also fixed some bugs with the intro quest.
 12/02/14 Jaakan tested both of the new quests going into the MUD shortly
          and fixed a bug in Hercules.  He made some changes to what you can
          see in the dark.
 03/02/14 Athagos got annoyed with Jaakan's QRECORDS code and went to work
          on making it more elegant.  He also started implementing three new
          quests.  Jaakan ran around chasing bugs with Hercules and the PitII
          like the proverbial fly with a blue behind.  Eventually he gave up
          and passed the bugs to Athagos who fixed them in short order.
          Jaakan and Kamura worked some more on the characteristics.
          Kamura wrote more of her upcoming quest.
 31/01/14 Athagos had some interesting ideas and went to work on one of
          them.  Jaakan finalised the Hercules and ThePitII quests and added
          them into the live mud.  He expects lots of bug reports, as there
          always seems to be when anything new goes in.
 30/01/14 Kamura and Jaakan did some brainstorming about the characteristics
 27/01/14 Athagos and Kamura went mental and did an amazing amout of work
          Athagos fixed a number of duplicate INFO files, updated the HELP
          file, added a LASTCHAT command, sorted out the kill command to
          search for creatures first, made it possible for apprentices to
          go mortal, added session stats to deaths by deathroom or just
          combat, fixed vis levels on the who list, added fluxsoon,
          created an autoban for people who leave their mud-client connecting
          but not logging in (this drives me nuts!), sorted out an issue
          with pronouns.  And other stuff.  He even told the kobolds how to
          wear their pyjamas.  Kamura did a lot of work on the PINFO files.
          Jaakan added some totals to users list and carried on with Hercules.
 26/01/14 Athagos got annoyed at the number of outstanding bugs and went
          to tackle three of the most intractable.  One with the commando
          quest which has been a right pain in the posterior, another one
          with the top 20 boards not updating as regularly as they should've
          and another with goto.  Jaakan tested Hercules and found a few
          bugs which he fixed.
 24/01/14 Jaakan did some more work on Hercules and fixed a bug with
          mobiles staying asleep when they're attacked.
 23/01/14 Jaakan put some more mobiles and objects in the sewers, bringing
          an end to the expansion for now.  He did some tweaking of PSTATUS,
          which is different to twerking, not as hard on the knees.
 22/01/14 Jaakan took a break from Hercules and added ten more rooms to
          the sewers.
 21/01/14 Jaakan fixed a bug with the safe in the thief quest, fixed a
          problem with the dragonlord in rforest zone, updated INFO STORAGE
          and HELP AUTOEQ, added the shiny new PSTATUS command.  Work
          continues on the Hercules quest.
 20/01/14 Jaakan added further rooms to the sewers, perhaps he has a
          cunning plan.  He also imagines that he has finished his new
          status command.  Also that the second pit is now up and running
          and is requiring some testing.  Athagos made a few changes to
          sheriff and triton.
 19/01/14 Athagos got annoyed with Jaakan for his sloppy use of fopen().
          Athagos fixed the crashbugs that resulted, not a happy bunny.
          Jaakan after hiding for a while, came out and fixed a bug in
          the pit, while he was waiting to see if he fixed it started work
          on thepitII.  Then he went back to Hercules.  Kamura did a
          preliminary check of this week's bugs, ideas, and typos.
          Jaakan updated INFO STORAGE to reflect current rules.
 18/01/14 Athagos put the quests in alphabetical order in the QUESTS
          command, which was a lot harder than it sounds.  Kamura did an
          amazing amount of testing on Hercules and gave Jaakan some bugs
          to fix.  She also wrote more of Aroch.  Jaakan coded some more
          stuff for Hercules, and did a bit of coding for Aroch.
          Jaakan added a few more rooms to the sewers.
 17/01/14 Athagos made the new website live, hooray! Kamura did some more
          work on Aroch.  Jaakan fixed a couple of bugs, and reversed the 
          order of INFO HISTORY.
 16/01/14 Jaakan carried on with Hercules, Kamura helped by writing several
          locations.  Kamura did some more work on Aroch.  Athagos finalised
          the website.  Jaakan had an idea about a new zone but didn't dare
          mention it because he's got too many unfinished things to work on.
          So he only worked on it a little bit.
 15/01/14 Jaakan fixed a crashbug in Metalian.
 14/01/14 Kamura continued work on Aroch.  Jaakan continued working on his
          new status command.  Athagos worked on the website.
 13/01/14 Kamura and Jaakan went through the week's bugs and ideas.  Jaakan
          started work on a new status command, carried on with hercules.
          Kamura added another ten mobiles to Aroch with minimal errors!
          Athagos made further amendments to the NEWS command.
          Jaakan fixed a bug in Bloodstone, another with the display of armour
          percentage, and a third that no-one else will notice in darksword.
 12/01/14 Athagos updated the NEWS command.  Jaakan updated the SCORE
          command.  Kamura continued working on Aroch.  Tiberius carried on
          testing the Hercules quest.  Jaakan fixed some bugs in Hercules.
 10/01/14 Athagos continued work on the website.  Jaakan fixed a bug with
          lightable objects not being able to be lit, and banished a couple of
          typos.  Kamura carried on with Aroch.
 09/01/14 Athagos continued work on the new website.  Jaakan found a crashbug
          in his SYMBOLS code so disabled it until repaired.  Jaakan continued
          work on Hercules.  Kamura assisted with the new website and carried
          on writing Aroch.  Nalal gave Athagos a testport.  Martyn set up
          Athagos' testport.
 08/01/14 Added cloakroom zone for easier autoequiping.  Athagos continued
          work on the website.  Kamura worked on website/cloakroom zone.
          Tiberius did some testing on Hercules.  Jaakan did some coding for
          Hercules.  Nalal gave Vampyra a testport.  Jaakan spent an
          instructive couple of hours to get it working.  Nalal set up Thalia's
          testport, Jaakan frantically scrambling through files trying to make
          it work.  Kamura wrote a new cave1 after Ultraviolent called it crap.
 07/01/14 Dec 21 13:32:52 2013: BUG: Vampyra (powers5): i timed out while in
          mail.  now my prompt is:  [Mail]:.
          Response: Athagos fixed.
          Oct 15 00:00:56 2013: BUG: Kamura (shop3): Message needs to be
          displayed to others when you wake in the room that they are standing
          Response: Athagos fixed.
          Athagos fixed various typos.  Jaakan added some extra fields to the
          object definition in preparation for decaying objects, and added
          Tiberius' prize weapon.  Tiberius tested and Jaakan fixed some bugs
          with bombs.  Added Eojrepus' prize weapon also.  Added lockercost and
          number of items stored to session stats.  Made a message for other
          immortals if an immortal goes to sleep or wakes up (they lose all
          comms, so you wouldn't know otherwise.  Added woof, oink, and snafu
 06/01/14 Added some messages for other people to see when you use a portapit.
          Athagos fixed various bugs submitted by Mirror about vis levels.
          Apr 3 21:52:18 2013: BUG: Martyn (powers2): rebooting zeroes the
          Response: Now fixed by Athagos.
          Apr 21 21:00:12 2013: BUG: FancyPants (oz6): munchkins has died.
          Should be have died.  Needs a plural check.
          Response: Now fixed by Athagos.
          May 12 19:03:00 2013: BUG: Jaakan (powers2): congrat works,
          congratulate doesn't.
          Response: Athagos added a duplicate action congratulate.
          Jul 25 21:55:09 2013: BUG: Swineherd (wizard25): I can jump while 
          Response: Athagos fixed.
 05/01/14 Did some updating of ruins and church.  Made notification
          message for INFO HISTORY.  Made the godslayer a bit more special.
          Added some extra ascii art for when new spells are learned.
 04/01/14 Fixed godslayer so it has a special against gods.  Added in some
          other code to do with mobile regeneration, and handling of status
          messages you get of other players when on water.  Went through all
          zonefiles looking for gods.  Fixed some bugs with sleep and the
          wielding of weapons.
 03/01/14 Working on Hercules.  Fixed a naughty crashbug, although I'm pleased
          to report that the MUD crashed on a player called Jewkiller.  I'd
          like to think it objected on moral grounds but really it was a file
          permission problem.  Fixed a couple of helpfile entries.  Made the
          pit armguards relate to the best score you get in the pit, not the
          current one.  Wrote INFO ARMOURSCALE.
 02/01/14 Added a timestamp to entry messages.  Removed Chicken Licken for
 01/01/14 Further work on code for people with screen readers, now
          completed and in live mud.  Added to OPTIONS command, and added new
          verb SYMBOLS to switch it on or off.  Added a check to GOTO that
          tells you "you're already there" if you GOTO the room that you're
          in.  A few typos fixed.
 31/12/13 Dec 27 20:42:36 2013: BUG: Thalia: This is stupid.  There was
          literally less than a second between being told I was out of jail and
          being thrown back in. Timings need to be longer.
          Response: Fixed, you now have 30 seconds to leave before being thrown
          back in again.
          Fixed a bug with Talon's combat messages being echoed to everyone.
          Fixed the pit so you don't get duplicate death messages.
          Dec 14 21:57:43 2013: BUG: Jaakan (powers5): "Dr What stands here,
          deeming you less than a threat"... if you're on the sea, maybe this
          should change.
          Response: Coding under way to allow for water walking, using a
          boat or raft.
 29/12/13 Dec 17 19:36:58 2013: TYPO: Mirror (freedom18): On the command 
          lockercost shouldn't Mrs have a .?
          Response: Fixed.
          Dec 27 20:48:23 2013: BUG: Jaakan (shop5): magic shop is not
          displaying potions.
          Response: Fixed.
          Dec 28 22:26:50 2013: BUG: FancyPants (valley21): In treehouse 
          "you can't take the skins.  It belongs to a goblin."
          Response: Fixed.
          Dec 25 23:01:48 2013: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): have the mud replace
          colourcodes with *'s if you're playing in black and white, eg.
          You see an archway to the *east*.
          Response: This is actually for blind players using screen readers
          who won't see the green exits and cyan object names in the room
          descriptions.  Under way, but not yet finished.
          Dec 25 22:45:56 2013: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): under level 10,
          say, let people use locker rooms without paying.
          Response: Done.
          Dec 27 16:21:43 2013: IDEA: Thalia (powers9): I think the mud should
          bank your money if you log out from a wizroom/powersroom.  I almost
          never log out from lockers.
          Response: Done.  Players in wizard, sage, prophet, or powers zone
          will now receive autobanking.
          Oct 19 11:51:49 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): bad linebreak here,
          healing could fit on previous line.
          Oct 19 11:53:17 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): if shrine of healing
          is capitalised and coloured, so should shrine of location be.
          Oct 19 11:53:56 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): two full spaces after
          Zodiac Avenue, not one.
          Oct 19 20:06:34 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): Symbols is in cyan
          here but I can't examine them.  Add a noget object or de-colour.
          Oct 19 11:54:08 2013: TYPO: Jaakan (freedom17): basically, rewrite
          this room.
          Response: Wow.  Picky.  All fixed.
          Oct 27 11:02:26 2013: IDEA: Jaakan (powers2): coding flag should be
          cleared when you exit.
          Response: Fixed.
          Nov  7 19:04:01 2013: TYPO: Ultraviolent (ancient7): in room
          description "determine  that" - extra space.
          Response: Fixed.
          Nov  7 20:15:29 2013: TYPO: Ultraviolent (camelot158): west here isn't
          in green like it should be.
          Response: Fixed.