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Backdraft Event Information File

Backdraft is a special quest which occurs randomly several times in a day.
Four pyromaniacs are released in the new market area adjoining the freedom
zone south of Frobozz Street.  The pyros will make their way to a random shop
of their choosing and set it on fire.

Shops burn at different rates.  Shops with more flammable materials burn
faster.  The shopkeeper will exit the shop once the fire is lit and will shout
loudly, which will give an indication where the fires are.  You can turn these
shouts on and off by using NOFIRE.

The command BSCORE (if the event is in progress) will show the current
score of each player.  Short form: BS.

The command BMAP will give a diagramatic display of which shops are burning,
and how badly damaged they are.  It also shows where the pyros currently are (if
they're not hiding in a shop).  It requires you to have one of the four special
maps distributed randomly in the zone.  Immortals are able to see this diagram
even if they don't have one of the maps.  Short form: BM.

BQUENCH is a synonym of QUENCH FIRE or EXTINGUISH FIRE (and it's quicker than
typing them).  It will work if you have a full bucket of water.  Immortals
do not need a bucket or water.  Short form: BQ.

BFILL is a synonym of FILL BUCKET (again, quicker to type) and works if you
have an empty bucket and are stood at the hub.  You can carry two buckets at
once.  Short form: BF.

BKILL is a synonym of KILL PYRO and will only work if you're in the same
room as a pyro.  Pyros can sustain a number of hits before succumbing.
Immortals cannot harm the pyros.  Short form: BK.

If you get tired of the fire shouts and information, use the command NOFIRE
to mute them.  Note that you will still get the initial message to alert you
to a backdraft event.  This should happen infrequently, although powers have
the ability to initiate the event with the powers only command BSTART.

The quest is failed at a predetermined level of shop destruction.  It is won
once all four pyros are captured and the shops are no longer burning.