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Donating to 7 Degrees of Freedom

Players are not asked to pay for access to 7 Degrees of Freedom, the service is
provided for free. However, eventually someone has to pay the company which
hosts the game.  This payment includes upkeep of the domain name and the 
shell account which the mud resides on.

The cost of this is 174.97 GBP (about 270 US dollars) per year.

Donations in order to pay for the hosting will be received gratefully from any
of the 7 Degrees of Freedom players.

It should be recognised that this is a donation in the true sense and no extra
in-game advantage will be given.

However, in recognition of your donation a statue of you will be placed in the
7DOF museum with a written plaque of your choosing (within reason) and you
will be given access to the prophet communication line.

In addition, the donation is only to pay for the upkeep of the account which
the MUD resides on and gives the donator no intellectual property rights to the
concepts or code contained within 7 Degrees of Freedom which are the copyright
of various people (see "credits").

Making a donation also does not give you the right to abuse policy.

If you would like to make a donation then contact Jaakan.