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As a new character, one needs to have areas in which to grow their character's
strength.  This is done by gaining points by killing mobiles and pitting items,
and avoiding things like dying and fleeing.  While there are very few areas in
which a new runner can be totally safe (due to death rooms, trap rooms, roving
mobiles, among other things), there are a few that are considerably safer than
others.  A list of some of these areas (and directions) follows:

(All directions are from Temple of Freedom)
 Kleth quest        n
 FireDemon quest    w,d,6-s,u
 Village zone       e,s,e
 NewVillage zone    e,s,7-w
 Cemetery zone      e,s,8-w,n
 Raider quest       e,s,5-w,s
 Excalibur quest    e,s,5-e
 Mabro quest        e,3-s
 Claymonster quest  e,s,2-w,3-s

 *[number]-[direction] means go in that DIRECTION [number] times.
 (example: 7-w) means go WEST 7 times.

As you get stronger, you can consider exploring other areas as well.  Be sure
to pick ones with low combat ratings.  You can see a quest's ratings, a brief
description, and a general location by typing QINFO [quest].
Also remember to pick your fights well; if you have a choice, EXAMINE a
creature to see how strong it is in combat.

A list of easy zones and quests follows.  The most important thing to remember
is: have fun!

Kleth quest
   This is a must for all new players.  It will show you the basic commands
(like EXAMINE and TAKE), and you'll get lots of points in the process!
See also: QINFO KLETH.

FireDemon quest
   This is an introductory quest that will teach you the rudiments of MUD
survival and you will receive constant help from a friendly eagle should you
need it.  This quest will also significantly boost your score if you're a very
low level player, so it's definitely worth a visit early on!

Village zone
   This is a standard Aber zone; you'll see it around a lot on other MUDs.
Don't stray too far off the main path, and be careful about what you find down

NewVillage zone
   The village of Miller's Crossing, aside the Western Ocean.  Again, don't
stray too far off the main path.

Cemetery zone
   The cemetery attached to Miller's Crossing.  You'll need a key to get in,
but one should be in close proximity to the gates.

Raider quest
   This is an easy quest near the new village area.  In addition to simple
commands, there is no combat in this quest.  Be sure to use ENTER and LEAVE
to negotiate buildings.

Excalibur quest
   To complete to this quest you must navigate the sea, cross an island, and
make your way through a maze.  Remember to read room descriptions to avoid
ending up a shipwreck!

Mabro quest
   This quest, like Kleth, was specially designed with new players in mind.
See also: QINFO MABRO.

ClayMonster quest
   This quest is based on Scooby Doo, and will require no fighting, but lots of

When it's time to leave 7DOF you can store your hard won kit by visiting the
Traveller's Rest on Peregrine Walk.  Examine the sign when you get there for
further instructions.
Directions: s,e,5-n,w,2-n from the Temple of Freedom.